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  1. republicans
    Susan Collins Reminds Us She Is Hardly a ModerateBy hedging her bets on abortion and endorsing a return to power by Paul LePage, Collins makes it clear her independence goes only so far.
  2. 2022 midterms
    Paul LePage Is Running for Governor of Maine AgainHe’s counting on midterm backlash and an independent spoiler to beat Democrat Janet Mills. If he does, it will be seen as an omen for Trump ’24.
  3. election reform
    Alaska Voters Approve Two Major Election ReformsBallot Measure 2 gives Alaska a top-four nonpartisan primary system and (like Maine) ranked-choice voting. It could be good news for Lisa Murkowski.
  4. politics
    Former Maine Governor Defends Electoral College, Saying It Protects White PeopleIt’s widely understood that Republicans rely on the Electoral College to thwart democracy. But it’s unusual for one of them to admit a racial motive.
  5. 2018 midterms
    Susan Collins Is the Last New England Republican in CongressOnce a rock-ribbed Republican region, New England is getting very blue, except for a couple of atypically moderate governors.
  6. health care
    Top Maine Court Orders GOP Governor to Stop Ignoring Voters and Expand MedicaidMaine’s fiery right-wing governor has vowed to go to jail before allowing a Medicaid expansion. He may get his wish.
  7. 8 Days After Primary, Maine Democrats Get Their Top NomineesFirst-place finishers in the Democratic primaries for governor and Congress won after “ranked-choice voting” implemented, but it took a while.
  8. Virginia Is Giving Obamacare a Huge — If Belated — WinDemocrats were able to wrangle a few GOP votes to expand Medicaid coverage to hundreds of thousands of needy Virginians.
  9. Trump Ends Obama’s Ban on Bear Baiting, Other Cruel Hunting Techniques in AlaskaDisputes between animal-rights supporters and trophy hunters are a reliable culture-war issue that Team Trump is happy to exploit.
  10. Maine’s Governor Defies the Law and Voters on Medicaid ExpansionRepublican Paul LePage plans to block a voter-sanctioned measure via stubborn defiance of the law.
  11. Maine Governor Plans to Block Medicaid Expansion Despite Statewide VoteMainers voted to expand Medicaid, but Governor Paul LePage says he won’t do it unless his conditions are met.
  12. Senator Susan Collins Won’t Run for Governor of MaineThe four-term senator will remain in Washington, where she believes she can do the most good.
  13. 15 Governors — Republicans All — Offer Cheers for Graham-CassidyCountering an earlier bipartisan governors’ letter opposing Graham-Cassidy, 15 GOP governors put on the party yoke.
  14. The Latest GOP Health-Care Scheme Fulfills an Old Conservative DreamFor eons, the GOP has talked about giving states control of Medicaid with reduced — or even eliminated — federal funding. The hour may have arrived.
  15. LePage Insists Medicaid Is ‘Welfare’With Maine voters having a chance to expand Medicaid over Paul LePage’s objections, he wants the ballot to call the venerable program “welfare.”
  16. Paul LePage Threatens to Run for SenateThe fiery Maine governor admits he might not be an effective senator, but is considering a run anyway, and might even appoint himself to a seat.
  17. Susan Collins Says She May Run for Governor of Maine in 2018If she does, New England’s most racist governor will get to appoint Maine’s next senator.
  18. Paul LePage Explains Civil Rights to John LewisApparently the man who was beaten at the Edmund Pettus Bridge needs to thank Republicans.
  19. Maine Governor Paul LePage Looks Forward to Trump Showing ‘Authoritarian Power’“We’re slipping into anarchy.”
  20. Maine Governor Paul LePage’s Binder Full of Drug Dealers Exposes His Racist LieHe said 90 percent of Maine’s drug arrests were people of color. He was lying.
  21. racism
    Maine Governor Suggests People of Color and Hispanics Are the ‘Enemy’Governor LePage had challenged a state lawmaker to “prove that I’m a racist” just a day earlier.
  22. early and awful
    Governor LePage: Disease-Riddled Asylum Seekers Are Maine’s ‘Biggest Problem’Though some of their illnesses aren’t real.
  23. early and awful
    Paul LePage Claims Racist Remarks Were Part of a Clever StrategyShocker: He was talking about black drug dealers the whole time!
  24. oh state politics!
    Paul LePage Floats Idea of Publicly Beheading Drug Dealers With GuillotineThe Maine governor says it was just a joke.
  25. early and awful
    LePage Blames Maine’s Heroin Woes on ‘D-Money’“I was going impromptu and my brain didn’t catch up to my mouth.”
  26. midterms 2014
    Maine Governor Paul LePage Jokes That Journalist Should Be on ‘Suicide Watch’During a rally with Chris Christie.
  27. early and awful
    Maine Governor Paul LePage Explains Obama Hates White PeopleBut he’s learned his lesson about calling people Nazis.
  28. early and awkward
    Maine Governor Uses Crude, Vaseline-Related InsultAnd said a Democratic lawmaker “has a black heart.”
  29. nazi comparisons
    Maine Gov. LePage Compares IRS, Gestapo Again“Maybe the IRS is not quite as bad. Yet.”
  30. early and awkward
    Maine Governor Admits Obamacare Isn’t Quite As Bad As NazismTime to find a new metaphor (not 9/11).
  31. other states’ embarrassments
    Removing Labor Mural Could Cost MaineThe federal government paid for the mural, it turns out.
  32. early and awesome
    Stephen King Eloquently Rips Into the Tea Party, Taxes, ReaganWatch a video of the rally.
  33. early and awful
    GOP Nominee for Governor of Maine Will Tell President Obama to ‘Go to Hell’ Over and Over AgainVote anger 2010!