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  1. Manafort’s Expensive Suits Were the Talk of the Courtroom TodayTrump’s former campaign manager spent at least $1.26 million on clothes in a span of four years.
  2. Paul Manafort’s Trial: Everything We Learned on Day OneThe choice for jurors: Is Manafort a lavish spender who lied to avoid paying taxes, or a gifted political strategist duped by his devious deputy?
  3. Mueller Referred 3 Cases on Illicit Foreign Lobbying to New York ProsecutorsThey involve top U.S. lobbyists and operatives linked to Paul Manafort – both Republicans and Democrats – who failed to register as foreign agents.
  4. Paul Manafort’s Trial: Everything You Need to KnowWhile the first trial stemming from the Mueller probe will focus on bank and tax fraud, not collusion, there could be major implications for Trump.
  5. Manafort’s Trial Delayed to July 31 So His Lawyers Can Better PrepareA federal judge will give Paul Manafort’s lawyers a six-day extension so they can review around 120,000 pages of documents ahead of his trial.
  6. Mueller Requests Immunity for 5 Witnesses Set to Testify Against ManafortA judge also denied Paul Manafort’s request to move his tax and bank-fraud trial, which is set to start next week, out of the D.C. area.
  7. Manafort Is a ‘VIP’ in Jail With His Own Phone, Laptop, and ShowerTrump’s former campaign chairman has asked that his trial be delayed. Robert Mueller is using his own words to argue that it shouldn’t be.
  8. Manafort Kept in Solitary 23 Hours a Day to ‘Guarantee His Safety,’ Lawyer SaysTrump’s former campaign manager is seeking pretrial release, despite the witness-tampering charges that landed him in jail.
  9. Judge Revokes Paul Manafort’s Bail, Sends Him to Jail to Await TrialDonald Trump’s former campaign chairman is about to get locked up.
  10. Mueller Hits Manafort With New Charges, This Time for Obstruction of JusticePresident Trump’s former campaign chairman is accused of witness tampering while on house arrest for other charges.
  11. If Mueller Is Ever Going to Flip Manafort, Now Seems Like the TimeFederal prosecutors accused Manafort of witness tampering, which could land him in jail as he awaits trial, just as Trump cast doubt on a pardon.
  12. Paul Manafort Is Having Trouble Paying His Legal Bills, Now You Can HelpFriends of the former Trump campaign manager are crowdfunding to defray costs associated with the Mueller probe.
  13. Manafort’s Former Son-in-Law Pleads Guilty, Is Working With Federal ProsecutorsJeffrey Yohai, who worked with Manafort on real-estate deals, pleaded guilty to federal charges and may be assisting Mueller.
  14. mueller investigation
    Mueller Team Has Interviewed Tom Barrack, a Close Friend of TrumpBarrack was a top fundraiser for Trump’s presidential campaign and chaired his inaugural committee.
  15. the national interest
    Before It Stopped Cooperating With Mueller, Ukraine Hired GOP Lobbyists. Hmm.America’s Worst Columnist makes an appearance in this scandal!
  16. the law
    Mueller (Quietly) Keeps Turning Up the HeatRecent court filings by the special counsel’s office in the Russia saga paint a picture very different than the one GOP critics are trying to sell.
  17. the law
    Lawyer Who Lied to Bob Mueller May Have Blown Paul Manafort’s Russia CoverAlex van der Zwaan, a minor character targeted by Mueller’s investigation, could make history.
  18. Trump Lawyer Held Out Prospect of Pardons to Flynn and Manafort: ReportAs the special counsel sought their cooperation, John Dowd (reportedly) suggested that Trump would have their backs if they got convicted.
  19. the national interest
    Devin Nunes’s Russia Investigation Had No SuspectsAmerica’s least curious investigator believes nobody could have colluded with Russia.
  20. Mark Your Calendar: Manafort Fraud Trial Set for JulyTrump’s former campaign manager is going to have an exciting summer.
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    Paul Manafort Struggling With PDF Documents Is All of UsSo relatable.
  22. Former Trump Aide Rick Gates Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy, Lying to the FBIPaul Manafort’s longtime ally has promised to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s investigation.
  23. russia probe
    Robert Mueller Puts the Squeeze on Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Yet AgainA new indictment accuses them of carrying out an elaborate scheme to defraud both private financial institutions and the United States.
  24. Report: Manafort Investigated for Promising WH Job in Exchange for Personal LoanRobert Mueller is looking into yet another aspect of Paul Manafort’s shady past.
  25. russia investigation
    Report: Former Trump Aide Rick Gates Will Plead Guilty, Testify Against ManafortThings aren’t looking good for Trump’s former campaign chairman.
  26. the national interest
    Rick Gates, Former Manafort Partner, Makes Deal With MuellerThat’s three friendly witnesses for an investigation that is not looking friendly for Trump.
  27. russia probe
    Paul Manafort’s Lawsuit Against Robert Mueller Is Frivolous Political TheaterManafort argues that the special counsel has no business sticking his nose in the pre-Trump campaign work he did in Ukraine. He’s wrong.
  28. Paul Manafort Can Go Home for the Holidays, If He Brings His Ankle MonitorTrump’s former campaign chairman won’t let house arrest keep him from celebrating Christmas in the Hamptons.
  29. Paul Manafort’s House Arrest Lifted, But He Can’t Leave Florida or Stay Out LateThe former Trump campaign manager will wear a GPS monitor as he awaits trial.
  30. hard time
    Paul Manafort Will Not Be Allowed to Take Off His Ankle MonitorA federal judge denied the request. Trump’s former campaign manager remains in a “High Intensity Supervision Program.”
  31. Manafort Offers Trump Tower Condo As CollateralHis lawyer says Manafort is too cash poor to afford bail.
  32. Manafort and Gates Trial Could Begin in MayMark your calendars, tentatively.
  33. Manafort’s 3 U.S. Passports and Travel Alias Make Him a ‘Serious’ Flight RiskProsecutors want “substantial” bail conditions to prevent Trump’s former campaign manager from skipping town.
  34. the national interest
    Trump Probably Shouldn’t Be Glad Campaign Manager Arrested for Federal CrimesPaul Manafort has done a lot of very bad things, and his indictment covers just a few of them.
  35. russia probe
    Russia Indictments Leave Trump Allies Rattled — Contrary to the White House SpinReactions ranged from selfish relief, to frustration with Mueller, to concern about what this means for the GOP agenda — and Trump’s presidency.
  36. Democrats Should Declare Victory on Trump and RussiaThe undisputed facts of this scandal are damning enough.
  37. the law
    Mueller Quietly Dropped a Bombshell on Monday — and It Wasn’t About ManafortThe special counsel’s charging of a very minor player reveals a lot about the big picture.
  38. Who Is Rick Gates, the Other Person Indicted on Monday?The political survivor with close ties to Paul Manafort.
  39. As Manafort and Gates Arrested, Trump Doubles Down on Clinton-Russia ‘Scandal’Trump throws former aides under the bus and goes after HRC yet again.
  40. Former Trump Campaign Manager Indicted for ‘Conspiracy Against the U.S.’Paul Manafort and fellow Trump campaign aide Rick Gates are the first to face indictment in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.
  41. russia investigation
    What We Do and Don’t Know About Mueller’s Impending IndictmentThe Russia investigation is poised to enter a whole new phase.
  42. Mueller Files First Charges in Russia InvestigationAnyone charged will be taken into custody on Monday.
  43. the national interest
    Did Manafort Use Trump’s Campaign to Pay Back Russia?The darkest theory of the 2016 campaign becomes extremely plausible.
  44. Report: Manafort Offered Close Putin Ally ‘Private Briefings’ on Trump CampaignRobert Mueller’s effort to flip Manafort continues apace.
  45. Manafort Wiretapped by Feds, Told to Expect Indictment: ReportsTrump supporters claim this proves Trump was right to accuse Obama of illegal surveillance, though few of the details match.
  46. Robert Mueller Issues Subpoenas to Manafort-Related FirmsMore bad news for the ex–Trump campaign chief.
  47. Report: Trump’s Campaign Manager Tipped Off the Feds to Don Jr.’s Russia MeetingBloomberg says Robert Mueller is working hard to turn the former Trump campaign manager into an asset for the prosecution.
  48. The FBI Raided Paul Manafort’s Home Last MonthRobert Mueller apparently convinced a judge that there was probable cause to believe Trump’s ex–campaign manager had committed a crime.
  49. politics
    Senate Judiciary Committee to Drop Subpoena of Paul ManafortThe former Trump campaign chair will no longer face a public hearing on Wednesday.
  50. Donald Jr., Manafort Won’t Testify in Public — or Under OathFrom must-see to can’t-see.
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