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Paul Steiger

  1. media
    ProPublica’s Paul Steiger Out As Editor and CEOHe’s stepping back from the lucrative journalism nonprofit world.
  2. ink-stained wretches
    WSJ Editor Does Not Recall Getting Markopolos Madoff TipBut if he did know anything, he wasn’t the only one who knew something and didn’t do anything. Or something?
  3. company town
    ‘Times’ to Raise Cover Price 25 CentsPlus AMI is headed for tough times, Fox News makes fun of Nas, Andrew Cuomo looks into AIG, and more, in our daily industry roundup.
  4. company town
    Air America Host Randi Rhodes Mugged?MEDIA • Air America talk-show host Randi Rhodes was assaulted on Park Avenue last night while walking her dog? [Gawker] • Jack Shafer investigates the billionaires behind ProPublica, the newly established New York–based investigative-journalism nonprofit led by former Journal managing editor Paul Steiger. Surprise, they’re big Democratic donors. [Slate] • Howard Kurtz took the nonstop promotion of his gossipy new book to its logical conclusion, interviewing himself on his own CNN show. [HuffPo]