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Paul Tudor Jones

  1. twilight of the trading elites
    Tudor’s Dynasty: A Time Capsule of Wall Street’s Lost Trader CultureA financial history lesson, starring Bruce Willis’s shoes.
  2. the toe bone’s connected to the foot bone
    Curious Foot Ailment Taught Powerful Financier Everything He Needed to Know About MacroeconomicsPaul Tudor Jones explains how his plantar fasciitis is relevant to world markets.
  3. company town
    Fashion Week to Continue to Trample Bryant ParkFINANCE • Will the city council outlaw the ‘R’ word next? As Merrill Lynch’s chief economist puts it, calling the recent downturn a recession “is like looking a client in the eye and telling them that their child is ugly.” [FT via MSN] • Second Life’s going through something of a recession too, but the Post thinks the cyber version of Fed chief Ben Bernanke is taking a more proactive role. Snap! [NYP] • The hardest hit hedge funds in August include lots of big names, like Paul Tudor Jones, Louis Bacon, and Bruce Kovner. [FT via MSN]