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  1. paulitics
    Government Ashley Madison Users Have a Friend in Rand PaulHe said he doesn’t want to see them prosecuted — once someone explained what the site is.
  2. paulitics
    Rand Paul Tries to Reason With Supporters of ‘Fake Conservative’ Donald TrumpThat’s not really their thing.
  3. paulitics
    Why Rand Paul Types Never Make It Past the PrimariesThey don’t have the type of authenticity voters really want.
  4. paulitics
    How Rand Paul Tried to Distance Himself From His DadTheir relationship is fine, but the senator has grown increasingly agitated by talk of his “daddy issues.”
  5. paulitics
    Rand Paul to Enter Presidential Race, Escalate Trolling of 2016 Rivals in AprilApparently his Festivus tweet wasn’t an official announcement.
  6. paulitics
    Rand Paul Releases Skit Mocking Jeb Bush and Hillary ClintonThe senator’s social-media trolling gets more sophisticated.
  7. paulitics
    Rand Paul Wants to Literally Declare War on ISISThough we haven’t done that since World War II.
  8. paulitics
    Kentucky May Scrap Primaries So Rand Paul Can Run for President and SenatorHis effort to circumvent state law continues.
  9. paulitics
    Rand Paul Repeatedly Taunted ‘Hillary’s Losers’ on Election NightHe even made a Facebook album.
  10. paulitics
    Rand Paul Woos Rupert Murdoch at the Kentucky DerbyAfter the mogul called him his least favorite 2016 candidate.
  11. paulitics
    Rand Paul’s Immigration Advice for Jeb Bush: Don’t Forget to Pander to Your BaseExplain how you’ll crack down on that “act of love.”
  12. paulitics
    Rand Paul Tries to Win Over College Kids With Privacy Talk, Domino’s AnalogyThe GOP has a bad crust too.
  13. paulitics
    Rand Paul Wants to Run for Senator and President in 2016Don’t make him choose!
  14. paulitics
    Rand Paul Tells Tea Partiers They Shouldn’t Resort to Name-CallingDuels and fat puns are more gentlemanly.
  15. paulitics
    Rand Paul Blasts Ted Nugent for Calling the President a ‘Subhuman Mongrel’Among Republicans, this counts as a bold stand.
  16. paulitics
    Rand Paul’s Team Accused of Plagiarizing Lawsuit Against NSAWe’re lucky dueling is still illegal.
  17. paulitics
    Rand Paul’s Family Voting System Is Unnecessarily ComplexWife has two votes, everyone else has zero. 
  18. paulitics
    Rand Paul’s Latest Speech Filled With Properly Footnoted ErrorsThat’ll teach the haters.
  19. paulitics
    Rand Paul Bends to ‘Hacks and Haters,’ Cites Wikipedia’s Gattaca EntryAs more plagiarism charges emerge.
  20. paulitics
    Rand Paul Wishes He Could Duel Accusers With a duel.
  21. paulitics
    Rand Paul Has a Logic Puzzle for YouGet ready to have your mind blown. 
  22. paulitics
    Paul: Gay Marriage May Lead to Animal Marriage“I think it will be human and human.”
  23. party chat
    You Can Probably Stop Sending Milky Ways to Rand Paul Now“They’re gooey and it drips out on me.”
  24. paulitics
    Rand Paul Finally Speaks Out Against the ‘Enemy Combatant’ OptionAbout four days later. 
  25. paulitics
    17 Other Ways Rand Paul Uses His Copy of the ConstitutionWhat can’t it do?
  26. it’s never too early to talk about 2016
    In Case Filibuster Didn’t Make It Clear, Rand Paul Is Mulling a 2016 RunHe’s “seriously” considering it.
  27. paulitics
    Every Book and Article Mentioned During Rand Paul’s FilibusterAll the pieces that got a shout-out during Rand Paul’s filibuster.
  28. paulitics
    Rand Paul’s Filibuster by the NumbersHe said drone 350 times and Hitler 5 times.
  29. paulitics
    Rand Paul Would Do Anything for Freedom, But He Won’t Do That (Wear a Catheter)“I’ve put them in before, and I really decided against it.”
  30. paulitics
    Rand Paul Stands Up, Takes a Step ForwardAmerica falls in love with watching a guy not use the bathroom.
  31. paulitics
    Senator Rand Paul Ends 13-Hour Filibuster Over Drones [Updated]“I’ve discovered there are some limits to filibustering.”
  32. paulitics
    Chuck Hagel Is Your New Defense SecretaryFour Republicans voted for him, including Rand Paul.
  33. paulitics
    Ron Paul Could Force the GOP to Give Him a Fifteen-Minute Convention SpeechIt all comes down to Nebraska.
  34. paulitics
    Ron Paul: The Way He WasA video remembrance.
  35. paulitics
    Ron Paul Is ‘Partially Suspending’ His CampaignWe really never thought this day would come!
  36. paulitics
    Ron Paul ‘Endorses’ the ‘Stache ActSee what he looks like with facial hair.
  37. paulitics
    Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Are PalsOr, at least, they don’t hate each other.
  38. paulitics
    Rand Paul Is a Drama QueenHe claims he was “detained” by the TSA today after he refused to have a pat down. 
  39. paulitics
    Ron Paul’s Giant on the Unique Talents He Brings to the CampaignHe’s pretty big, but he’s not really sure whether or not he qualifies as a giant.
  40. ron paul
    Ron Paul Doesn’t Like His Chances to Win White House“You know what the odds are. The odds have been slim.”
  41. paulitics
    Ron Paul Made a Woman Cry on ChristmasAll it took was a sentence from his book.
  42. the national interest
    News Bulletin: Ron Paul Is a Huge RacistRon Paul is not a kindly old libertarian who just wants everybody to be free. He’s a really creepy bigot.
  43. ron paul’s cream cheese obsession
    Ron Paul Enjoys Cream CheeseAnd Velveeta.
  44. paulitics
    ‘Pin Ups for Ron Paul’ Is Something That ExistsAnd they put out a calendar.
  45. paulitics
    An Exclusive Look Inside the Ron Paul CookbookYes, Ron Paul has released a cookbook.
  46. paulitics
    Ron Paul Does Not Exist, Part MXII [Updated]According to the ‘Times’, at least.
  47. paulitics
    Ron Paul’s Eyebrow Was Falling Off at the Debate Because His ‘Allergies Acted Up a Touch’That makes no sense, but old men’s eyebrows also make no sense.
  48. early and awkward
    Rick Santorum Right About At Least One ThingThe media doesn’t pay attention to him.
  49. paulitics
    This ‘Rick Perry’ Character Kind of Scares Ron Paul“He makes me look like a moderate.”
  50. paulitics
    Sorry, Jon Stewart, Ron Paul Is Not in the Top TierHe deserves respect and attention, but we all know he’s not a viable candidate.
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