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Pee Tape

  1. politics
    The Crippling Blow for the Steele DossierA key source for the purported dirt on Trump and Russia has been exposed, with damning fallout for his handler.
  2. unsolved mysteries
    Does Trump Want Me to Think He’s Into Golden Showers?I do not want to believe the pee-tape story, so I would appreciate it if Trump would stop offering suspicious denials no one asked for.
  3. steele dossier
    Fusion GPS Lights a Candle for the ‘Pee Tape’The co-founders of the intelligence firm that commissioned the infamous Steele Dossier discuss their lives as Trump targets.
  4. mueller time
    Sorry, Peelievers: The Only Trump Tapes in the Mueller Report Sound FakeThe Mueller report reveals Team Trump was interested in compromising tapes believed to be in Russia’s possession — but it appears they weren’t real.
  5. the national interest
    Trump Insists No Other Americans Allowed Into His Putin MeetingBecause there’s definitely no pee tape he might be discussing.
  6. Tom Arnold Teams Up With Vice to Hunt for the Missing Trump TapesAnd he says there are a lot of them.
  7. the national interest
    Trump Told Comey He Wasn’t in Moscow Long Enough to Make a Pee Tape. He Lied.Another piece of evidence for the Peelievers.
  8. the national interest
    I’m a Peeliever and You Should Be, Too. 5 Reasons the Pee Tape Is Probably Real.I used to doubt the pee tape existed. A lot of evidence has made me think it probably does.
  9. Comey: Trump Asked Me to Investigate ‘Pee Tape’ to Prove It Didn’t ExistComey writes that the president asked if the FBI could investigate the “golden showers thing” to prove to Melania that it wasn’t true.
  10. the national interest
    There’s a Pretty Good Chance President Trump Is Being BlackmailedWe know he has a lot of secrets, and that he’s willing to pay to keep them secret.