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  1. New Yorkers Have Relatively Big PenisesAccording to an analysis from an online condom store. 
  2. foreskinnocent
    NYPD Officer Fired for Flashing Says Lack of Foreskin Proves His InnocenceIt’s the circumcision defense.
  3. in other news
    News Anchor Wants to Know If G-Shot Allows One to ‘Enjoy Penis a Little More’Of course it does!
  4. cajuns who rage
    James Carville Does Not Fear Penis MeasurementsThe Democratic strategist will make sacrifices for airport security.
  5. things that actually happen in real life
    Jeffrey Epstein’s Egg-Shaped Member Will Not Be Examined by LawyersThe shape of Epstein’s penis is not relevant to the civil cases against him, a judge has ruled.
  6. stupid crime of the day
    America’s Penises Are in DangerThe nation’s disturbing new trend.
  7. things we wish we’d thought of first
    Hot New Trend: Drawing Penises Only God Can SeeWell, God and Google Earth.