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  1. getting around
    Meet the Newest Next Penn StationHochul is tightening the focus from Cuomo’s sweeping plans and looking to fast-track the project. Maybe it’ll work.
  2. street view
    Penn Station’s New Train Hall Is Only a Start. But at Least We’re Starting.A grand entrance to a rail system that needs much more.
  3. cityscape
    Every Plan to Fix Penn Station, RankedMore than 30 years’ worth of schemes, renderings, misfires, and good intentions.
  4. commutes from hell
    Cuomo and Christie Would Like Someone Other Than Amtrak to Run Penn StationAfter a recent string of commuter nightmares at the rail hub, the governors demand big changes.
  5. gross things
    Penn Station’s Latest Addition: A Sewage WaterfallFetid water fell from the ceiling of the LIRR Concourse for hours on Wednesday.
  6. transportation
    Amtrak’s Plan to Fix Penn Station May Cause Extensive Delays for CommutersThe recent headaches for Long Island Rail Road and New Jersey Transit riders may just be the start.
  7. False Gunfire Report Triggers Penn Station Stampede, Injuring 16The sound of a police Taser sparked a mass panic during Friday night’s commute.
  8. rip
    The Penn Station Amtrak Departures Board Goes DarkCrews began its removal Monday night.
  9. Time to Bid Farewell to Penn Station’s Iconic Amtrak Departures BoardIt will soon be replaced by many smaller digital displays.
  10. Here’s a Look at the Future Penn StationWell, technically two stations in one: the new Farley Complex and an upgraded Penn.
  11. fix it now
    Sizing Up the Next Penn Station(s)Which plans are likely to happen? And what do we need most?
  12. cityscape
    Can Andrew Cuomo Be a Less Toxic Robert Moses?Most of what he can do is not building but repairing.
  13. infrastructure
    Why Governor Cuomo’s New Penn Station Scheme Might Get SomewhereThe latest of many plans to fix the miserable rail station.
  14. city politic
    Cuomo Unveils Plan to Transform Nightmare That Is Penn Station The state is seeking developers for the $3 billion project dubbed the Empire Station Complex.
  15. today in police reports
    Penn Station Shooter Snorts Up in CustodyHe tried to hide the evidence under a table. It didn’t work.
  16. show me the money
    Chuck Schumer Has an Idea for How to Prevent ‘Transportation Armageddon’It involves convincing governors Cuomo and Christie that he’s not making them a crap sandwich. 
  17. stand clear of the closing doors
    Train Delays Owing to Suspicious Penn Station FireIt raged for three hours. 
  18. Penn Station Reopened After Bomb ScareFalse alarm.
  19. the joy of travel
    Penn Station Busier Than All of NYC’s Airports Keep that in mind on Wednesday.
  20. stand clear of the closing doors
    LIRR Derailment Makes Rush Hour Commute Extra MiserableNo injuries, but plenty of delays.
  21. stand clear of the closing doors
    Man Not Hit by SubwayFor a change.
  22. transportation
    Penn Station Suspends Train Service at Worst Possible MomentIt would be impressive if it weren’t so nightmarish.
  23. lost causes
    50 Years Ago, New Yorkers Fought to Keep Penn Station From Becoming a HellholeSpoiler alert: It didn’t work.
  24. stand clear of the closing doors
    Amtrak Gets Onboard With Moynihan StationAfter years of not being involved, the train agency says it needs to expand, and wants to help.
  25. cultural capital
    Brian Williams Will Be Your Anchorblogger TonightCheck out BriWi’s MySpace page! He likes Vampire Weekend and hates Penn Station — just like us! (Except, dude, who is still on MySpace?)
  26. it just happened
    Penn Station to Remain Hideous IndefinitelyRemember how they were going to make Penn Station nice, finally?
  27. company town
    Is Kate Beckinsale Too Hot to Play Judy Miller?MEDIA • Matt Drudge cracked open The New Republic’s Iraq fabulist controversy once again. Did the mag’s Baghdad diarist really make up details about mass graves and troops ridiculing a disfigured female soldier? Franklin Foer complains that Drudge’s docs could only have come from the Army. [Slate, NYO] • Chris Jones, the managing editor of Portfolio.com, announced his departure from the mag after giving notice over a month ago. High-level rumors also indicate Joanne Lipman may soon be relieved from command — but only for the Website. [WWD] • The Judith Miller movie is now filming in Memphis, and let’s just say that Kate Beckinsale is way too hot to be a reporter. On the other hand, the Valerie Plame CIA character, played by Vera Farmiga, looks just about right. [WP]
  28. in other news
    Moynihan Station Is Back From the Dead, Probably It’s tough to keep track of what’s going on with Moynihan Station. Seemingly decades ago, the late Senator Pat Moynihan came out with the idea of relocating Penn Station into the adjacent Farley Post Office, a 1912 building designed by McKim, Mead, and White to complement their old Penn Station across the street, now tragically destroyed. The idea picked up steam and sometime around last year, when it had grown into a major office-and-entertainment complex, anchored by the train station but also including a relocated Madison Square Garden and several new towers, it seemed set to go. Then in October it was delayed, and in December it was killed. According to yesterday’s Times, though, now it’s back again, and it’s even bigger than before: In the next three weeks, two of the city’s largest developers will unveil new plans for rebuilding the station, moving Madison Square Garden, replacing the Hotel Pennsylvania, and erecting a pair of skyscrapers, one of which would be taller than the Empire State Building, over the site of the existing station.
  29. photo op
    And It Doesn’t Even Come Wrapped in a Brown Bag Proof the gentrification of Manhattan has finally gone too far? They’re now offering thrice-weekly wine tastings in Penn Station.
  30. in other news
    A Brief Catalogue of the Aesthetic Sins We Believe the Dolans Wish to CommitThis morning brought the news that Empire State Development Corporation honcho Charles Gargano thinks James Dolan is behind the effort to delay the conversion of the historic James A. Foley Post Office on Eighth Avenue into the new Penn Station. Why would the Dolans — the family that owns Cablevision, which owns Madison Square Garden — mess with a very popular and once seemingly ironclad plan? Because they want to build a new Garden on the Post Office spot and use the current Garden space for more-lucrative office buildings. Let’s consider, shall we, the number of awful consequences that would be wrought by that single construction project.