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  1. 5 Lessons From the Pennsylvania Special ElectionThe GOP’s House Majority is (probably) not long for this earth — and four other takeaways from Conor Lamb’s success in the heart of Trump country.
  2. The GOP’s Closing Message in PA Special Election: Liberals Hate GodAs Republicans try to save a House seat in the heart of Trump Country, they abandon their tax cut message for culture war hysteria.
  3. The GOP Is Serious About Impeaching P.A. Judges for Reversing Their GerrymanderRepublican legislators in Pennsylvania have the power to impeach and remove judges. But could that backfire in the court of public opinion?
  4. Commerce Department Offers Trump Ammunition for His Trade WarTrump has until April 11 to decide whether to impose high tariffs on aluminum and steel. It’s a subject that divides his party and administration.
  5. P.A. Special Election Could Be the Only Excuse Trump Needs to Start a Trade WarTrump will have to make a decision soon on possible tariffs on steel and aluminum, which most Republicans oppose.
  6. Pennsylvania Special Election Is a No-Excuses, Must-Win Race for Team TrumpWith all the advantages the GOP has in this pro-Republican, pro-Trump district, a loss would be catastrophic.
  7. Pennsylvania Lawmaker Hopes to Impeach Justices Who Rejected Gerrymandered MapSomeone has been giving Republicans ideas about doing away with courts that don’t rule in their favor.
  8. The Supreme Court Won’t Intervene on Behalf of GOP in P.A. Gerrymandering CaseThe Court deferred to a state court on the state constitution, so the GOP is going to have to redraw those maps after all.
  9. Pennsylvania GOP Defies Anti-Gerrymandering Court OrderA constitutional crisis is brewing in the Keystone State.
  10. Pennsylvania Special Election Could Be the First Ripple in a Democratic Wave“I was Trump before Trump was Trump,” says the GOP nominee in a potentially competitive special election.
  11. early and often
    Poll: Trump Embarrasses More Than 60 Percent of Voters in 3 Crucial StatesTrump’s response to Charlottesville doesn’t seem to have gone over so well in the three states that narrowly handed him last year’s election.
  12. Will the Reality of President Trump Help Reverse the Black Turnout Slump?A sharp drop off in African-American voting helped Trump defeat Clinton. Democrats need a way to reverse that without Obama on the ballot.
  13. politics
    Stein Campaign Shifts Pennsylvania Recount Effort From State to Federal CourtCampaign balks at a $1 million bond it would have been forced to pay to proceed at the state level.
  14. Pennsylvania’s Ex-AG Is Sentenced to Prison for Illegally Leaking DocumentsHer attorneys and her son argued for leniency, but the judge ordered her to serve up to 23 months in prison for the bizarre political scandal.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pennsylvania Attorney General Convicted of Perjury and ObstructionShe’s facing 14 years in jail over a leak meant to embarrass a rival prosecutor.
  16. Change Is a Constant, Even on the Electoral MapWhen it comes to battleground states, Pennsylvania may be the new Virginia, just as Virginia became the new Ohio.
  17. Trump Beat Cruz at His Own Organizational Game in PennsylvaniaTrump looks poised to snag 40 or more unbound delegates elected in Pennsylvania yesterday, compared to two for the supposed master Ted Cruz.
  18. Pennsylvania’s Old Grudge MatchIt’s a struggle for the body, not the soul, of the Democratic Party in a must-win Senate race, and Beltway Democrats are coming down on front-runner Joe Sestak like a ton of bricks.
  19. medical marijuana
    Pennsylvania Launches Medical Marijuana Program“Marijuana is medicine, and it’s coming to Pennsylvania.”
  20. lgbt rights
    Pennsylvania Governor Issues Orders Banning LGBT Discrimination“Pennsylvania is open for business no matter who you are or whom you love.”
  21. taxis
    Woman Stiffs Driver on $600 Fare to PennsylvaniaThat’s frowned upon.
  22. Bill Cosby Stars in Pennsylvania Political Attack AdOnce Cliff Huxtable, now Willie Horton.
  23. horrible things
    Pennsylvania Shooting Suspect May Not Have Killed HimselfAccording to the coroner.
  24. horrible things
    Body of Man Suspected of Killing Family Found in Pennsylvania WoodsHis ex-wife and five of her family members were fatally shot.
  25. shootings
    6 Dead in Pennsylvania Shootings, Suspect Still at LargePolice say family members were killed in multiple locations.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Cop Killer Eric Frein Said He Wanted to Start a ‘Revolution’He’s been charged with two counts of terrorism.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Angry Crowd Greets Beat-Up Eric Frein Outside of Pennsylvania Court“You’re lucky we didn’t get you during hunting season.”
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Cop Killer Eric Frein Captured After 48-Day ManhuntThe suspect in an attack on Pennsylvania state troopers was on the FBI’s most-wanted list.
  29. oops
    Dead Body Just Falls Onto Busy Pennsylvania RoadCreepy. 
  30. equal rites
    Pennsylvania Won’t Fight Gay Marriage Governor Tom Corbett realizes it’s a losing battle.
  31. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Is Now Legal Across the Entire NortheastPennsylvania’s same-sex marriage ban is the latest to fall.
  32. school daze
    Miss America Says She Doesn’t Want Teen Punished for Asking Her to PromBut Nina Davuluri still won’t be doing any slow-dancing.
  33. sad scary things
    Teen Charged in Mass Stabbing at PA High SchoolHis lawyer says he “was not a troubled young man until this point.”
  34. Mass Stabbing Reported at PA High SchoolMultiple people were injured this morning outside of Pittsburgh.
  35. early and often
    Pennsylvania Judge Ditches Voter-ID LawAs an unreasonable burden on voting.
  36. Gunman Opens Fire on Pennsylvania Town Meeting, Killing ThreeAnd wounding three others.
  37. equal rites
    Pennsylvania Sued Over Gay-Marriage BanThe ACLU quotes from the Supreme Court’s recent decision.
  38. swing states
    Is Pennsylvania a Swing State Again?It’s starting to look like it.
  39. early and often
    Pennsylvanians Can Be Asked for Photo I.D. Before Voting, Judge Rules*There’s a major catch.
  40. polls
    Recent Polls Moving in President Obama’s FavorIncluding, surprisingly, those on the economy.
  41. early and often
    The GOP Could Guarantee Obama’s Defeat Just by Fiddling With the Electoral College [Updated]This is very bad news for President Obama.
  42. cable news
    Talk Box: Sarah Palin’s Freedom Cookies DebunkedPlus, Bill O’Reilly is cool with McDonald’s tricking kids into buying its “crap.”
  43. early and often
    Republican Pat Toomey (Apparently) Wins Pennsylvania Senate RaceIt’s a late call, but he defeats Rep. Joe Sestak.
  44. the more you know
    Hydraulic Fracturing Makes Drinking Water Nice and FlammableThe controversial practice of fracking gets more controversial.
  45. sweet old ladies
    Woman Lived With Corpses of Twin Sister, HusbandThe latter sat in her garage for over a decade.
  46. bons mots
    Arlen Specter Had an Easy Path to Reelection But He Chose Honor Instead, Okay?Endangered Pennsylvania incumbent revises history.
  47. sad things
    Representative John Murtha Has DiedThe influential Appropriations Committee member was 77.
  48. secretary of awesome
    Thank/Blame Hillary for Arlen Specter’s DefectionHow her determination in last year’s Democratic primaries eventually forced Specter’s hand.
  49. instant politics
    Matt Bai and Nate Silver Explain Why the Rays Have Better Odds Than McCain’New York Times Magazine’ writer Matt Bai and FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver discuss the viability of McCain’s Pennsylvania-based strategy, the voters assuming we’re still stuck in the 2000/2004 universe, and Silver’s defense of his model should the election turn to McCain.
  50. early and often
    McCain’s State-by-State Strategy — or Lack ThereofMcCain may give up on Colorado and try to pick off Obama’s old primary bugaboo, Pennsylvania, and its lush bounty of 21 electoral votes.
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