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People Who Are Dead

  1. people who are dead
    Thomas Jefferson Sucked at Farming“The worst farmer in Virginia.”
  2. people who are dead
    Lots of People Have Decided to Follow Roger Ebert on Twitter Now That He’s DeadRoger Ebert, who is dead, is gaining a surge of new followers.
  3. people who are dead
    Kim Jong-il Had Kind of a Homoerotic Relationship With His Former Sushi Chef“We would go to the sauna together, naked. Shogun-sama said, Oh, you have a good body … “
  4. people who are dead
    Kim Jong Il Ate SpidersAnd hippo. 
  5. stand clear of the closing doors
    ‘Sleeping’ Man Was Actually Dead on the 5 TrainMore things to fear in the subway.
  6. people who are dead
    Expedition for Signs of Amelia Earhart Comes Up EmptyShe’s dead, guys. Let it go. 
  7. people who are dead
    Jackie O. Would Be Perfect for Reality TVIn a series of interviews being released nearly 50 years later, she talked a lot of smack about other people.
  8. people who are dead
    Frank Sinatra Showered Twelve Times a DayEvery famous person is crazy.