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  1. statistics
    The World’s 7 Billionth Person Is Expected to Be Born on MondayA Halloween baby!
  2. ink-stained wretches
    Ramin Setoodeh Returns to NewsweekOne writer who left in this year’s mass exodus from the mag has decided to come back!
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Ramin Setoodeh Leaves Newsweek for PeopleThe recently controversial entertainment scribe has found a new home.
  4. party chat
    Connie Chung Wants a One-Woman ShowIf you wait around long enough, she’ll audition for you.
  5. party chat
    Alan Cumming Grew Up in a ForestAnd other things we learned from his ‘Times’ Talk this weekend.
  6. party lines
    Schnabel Will Spend His Vacation SchwimmingIn a bathing suit. (Maybe?)
  7. hellivision
    LuAnn de Lesseps on White House–Crashing“In New York, we’re the real deal, we actually get INVITED into parties.”
  8. party chat
    Jessica Szohr on Her Mysterious Gossip Girl HairDaily Intel: asking the hard questions.
  9. party lines
    Barbara Walters on Interviewing Sarah PalinThat’s too bad. Remember all the good it did for Hillary Clinton?
  10. party lines
    Levi Johnston on His Career, Penis SizeBut we don’t lose our dignity.
  11. party lines
    Martin Scorsese on His BlackBerry-Bruised ThumbsPoor guy. We’ve been there.
  12. party chat
    Shakira Reiterates Honesty of Hips“They’re the frankest, most honest hips you can ever find.”
  13. party lines
    Lance Armstrong Only Allowed Scones a Bit LongerThe Tour de France legend talks to us about his rides around New York.
  14. hellivision
    Devorah Rose on Her ‘War’ Against TinsleyThank God.
  15. party lines
    Three Jokes Told by Bruce SpringsteenThe Boss told jokes at last night’s Stand Up for Heroes benefit.
  16. party chat
    Claire Danes Doesn’t Go to Brooklyn a LotWhich we think is kind of refreshing.
  17. party chat
    Sharon Stone’s New Turn-on: GardeningThat’s right.
  18. party chat
    Alicia Silverstone Will Teach You How to PoopFrom ‘Clueless’ star to bowel whisperer.
  19. party chat
    Martha Stewart on Her Dogs’s Book DealOf course, it’s perfectly natural.
  20. party chat
    Rachel Weisz on how to Pronounce Her Last Name“It’s V-I-C-E.”
  21. scandals
    Scandale! Tim Geithner May Not Have Come Across His ‘Most Beautiful’ Title HonestlyOur world is rocked.
  22. party chat
    Martha Stewart’s Blogging Dogs Got a Book DealAnd yes, we’re jealous.
  23. party chat
    Mischa Barton Hearts John SteinbeckThat makes sense, no?
  24. party chat
    Arden Wohl Is a Necrophiliac of the MindThe socialite discusses the process behind her new film, ‘Two Dreams.’
  25. party chat
    Hugh Jackman Went Schwimming at the Schnabels’!’New Yorkers are very cool,’ says the Australian transplant.
  26. party chat
    Matthew Broderick Has a Mouse ProblemAnd an assistant who needs a raise.
  27. media deathwatch
    Bad News for Books. And Newspapers. And Magazines. And Websites.Yeah, this week is getting ugly.
  28. Just Another Media-Layoff MondayWe’re really hoping Thursday will be the day this week no one gets fired.
  29. Damon Dash: ‘I Go to Board Meetings High’Hey, we would too, if we’d been ditched by our lawyers and owed lenders $3.1 million.
  30. party chat
    Baldwin on Kissing Aniston in 30 RockHe was joking, people. Joking!
  31. Shields and Raver on Lipstick Jungle’s FutureApparently an ‘emergency meeting’ held today will resolve its fate.
  32. party chat
    Christine Taylor: Stiller Is Actually RomanticChristine Taylor tells us about how the comedian awkwardly asked her dad for her hand in marriage.
  33. party chat
    Shields Is Optimistic About Lipstick JungleBeing moved to a Friday-night time slot is not that bad! Really!
  34. ink-stained wretches
    Time Inc. Asks Employees to Walk the PlankAt least three Time Inc. titles are looking for editorial staff to take voluntary buyouts.
  35. party chat
    Amy Sacco Fingered Damian HirstSorry that was gross. Finger painted, we mean.
  36. ink-stained wretches
    Time Inc. to Restructure, Lay Off 600 WorkersAll the publishing giant’s titles will be streamlined into groups, with staff-sharing and a new focus on the Web.
  37. party chat
    Nastia Liukin on Her Gossip Girl CameoImagine the possibilities!
  38. party chat
    Philip Seymour Hoffman on Having a Baby GirlWith mother Mimi O’Donnell, son Cooper, daughter Tallulah, and Oscar — baby makes six!
  39. party chat
    Ana Ortiz Just Can’t Win in CharadesDespite lengthy and public training, at last night’s LABrynth Celebrity Charades event, the ‘Ugly Betty’ star kinda tanked.
  40. party chat
    Matthew Settle and the Masturbating MummyRufus tells us a story about his life before ‘Gossip Girl.’
  41. party chat
    Hope Davis Is Already Feeling the RecessionThe indie actress can get a cheap facial, but will have to wait to install solar panels.
  42. party chat
    Ne-Yo on Throwing Up Out of Jay-Z’s MaybachOn his first night out with Diddy and Jay-Z, the young rapper was also surprised to meet a new guy named Ralph.
  43. party chat
    Nastia Liukin to Appear on Gossip GirlIf she doesn’t play a triple-threat (model, actress, pommel-horse champ) who fights with Blair and Serena for a spot at Yale, we’ll be outraged.
  44. party chat
    Stiller on Hosting a ‘Talk Show’ for Project ALSTo benefit Project ALS, the comedian and actor is going to do his own version of Conan O’Brien for a night, which even he admits he is ‘ill-equipped to do.’
  45. party chat
    Anne Hathaway Has New Apartment, Press SavvyThe ‘Rachel Getting Married’ star is as bubbly and friendly as ever — up to a point.
  46. Julianne Moore on BlindnessWe know it’s gross, but if you’ve read the book ‘Blindness,’ you had to be wondering about one aspect of how they made the movie. Can a film like that really go to number one when it’s filled with so much number two?
  47. party chat
    Peaches Geldof on Married LifeThe 19-year-old New York transplant Peaches Geldof and husband Max Drummey tell Intel about their wedding and offer some sage advice.
  48. party chat
    Peaches Geldof on Her New Life in NYCThe British party girl has made a new home across the pond — but just short of the East River.
  49. company town
    ‘People’ Gets the Last Giggle Over Brangelina Baby PicsTurns out the issue whose cover displayed little Vivienne and Knox sold 2.6 million copies, the fourth-largest selling issue of all time for the mag. Plus, the rest of our industry news roundup.
  50. it just happened
    The Aiken Baby Is Here! The Aiken Baby Is Here!Parker Foster Aiken will have all the advantages of a full-celebrity child.
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