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  1. UC Davis Tried to Hide Its Pepper-Spray IncidentThe Streisand effect strikes again.
  2. stand clear of the closing doors
    Queens Commuters Start the Week by Getting Pepper-Sprayed Some Mondays are more Monday than others.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    City College Cops Broke Out the Pepper Spray at a Protest With KidsBad combination.
  4. anthony bologna
    Pepper-Spray Cop Is Tired of Answering QuestionsHe gave up ten vacation days, what else do you want?
  5. oh the irony
    UC Davis’s Pepper-Spray Cop Wants a Worker’s Comp PayoutFor psychiatric injury.
  6. lawsuits
    Pepper-Sprayed Students Win $1 Million Settlement From University of CaliforniaThat’s $30,000 per victim, in addition to a written apology.
  7. cute things
    Pepper-Spray Attack Led to an Occupy Wall Street BabySex! Love! Lawsuit!
  8. occupy everywhere
    Pepper-Sprayed Students Will Receive Settlement From UC Davis“We did an injustice to our students that day.”
  9. occupy wall street
    Pepper-Spray Cop Anthony Bologna Fighting NYPD for Legal FeesThe department has opted not to defend him.
  10. pepper spray
    UC Davis Police Chief Resigns Over Pepper Spray IncidentA UC Davis task force report last week called the use of the spray unreasonable and unauthorized.
  11. disneyland
    Deranged Man Gets Showered With Pepper Spray at DisneylandThis isn’t supposed to happened at Disneyland.
  12. occupy wall street
    Anthony Bologna’s Pepper-Spray Victims Are Suing NYCThe viral video of police violence that kick-started Occupy Wall Street has resulted in a lawsuit.
  13. neighborhood news
    Pepper Spray Attacks Keep HappeningA student hit fourteen people at a Bronx high school today.
  14. pepper spray is so hot right now
    Harlem Teenager Pepper-Sprays Her ClassmatesPepper spray, so hot right now. Well, it’s always hot.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    All the Insanity From This Year’s Black Friday ShoppingLow-lights include incidents involving pepper spray, tasers, and good old-fashioned fisticuffs.
  16. occupy everywhere
    Megyn Kelly Calls Pepper Spray a ‘Food Product, Essentially’She and Bill O’Reilly don’t really see what the big deal is.
  17. occupy everywhere
    Pepper Spray Officers at UC Davis Put on LeaveA response rally is planned for this afternoon.
  18. the internet
    The UC Davis Pepper-Spray Cop Internet Meme Lemons into lemonade.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pepper Spray Attack Sends 18 to HospitalNo, not at Occupy Wall Street.
  20. occupy wall street
    Meet the Famous (and Infamous) Cops of Occupy Wall StreetHipster cop and his less-hip brethren.
  21. stand clear of the closing doors
    Watch a Subway Fight Involving Two Women, a Baby, and a Can of Pepper SprayYup.
  22. video
    Officer Pepper Sprays Baby Squirrel, Enrages Middle SchoolersA Texas cop targeted a suspicious animal on a playground and caused outrage.