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  1. The GOP’s Latest Health-Care GambitThis last-gasp effort at a GOP-only bill mostly gives states the flexibility to cut health-care services, while threatening insurance-market chaos.
  2. Did the ‘Kodiak Kickback’ Buy Lisa Murkowski’s Vote for Trumpcare?No state has gotten more special treatment from the Senate (and the administration) than Murkowski’s Alaska. If it’s not enough, Trumpcare’s dead.
  3. How the Senate Might Do Even More Damage to MedicaidThe upper chamber is reportedly eyeing an approach to cutting the program that could be more draconian than what passed the House.
  4. The Biggest Outrage of Trumpcare Continues to Be the Massive Medicaid CutsThis reality should be at the center of the debate over CBO’s “score” of the GOP health bill.
  5. Senate GOP Moderates Won’t Save Medicaid As We Know ItThey don’t seem interested in preventing a change that would forever eliminate the program as a federal entitlement.
  6. How Trumpcare Would Affect Medicaid and Why That’s Dividing RepublicansTrying to placate GOP-governed states that expanded Medicaid while shedding federal responsibility for indigent health care has been hard to do.
  7. GOP Governors Find the American Health Care Act Pretty Heavy-handedNo flexibility for them. And they aren’t happy about it.