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Pershing Square

  1. white men with money
    Hedge Funds Sharpen Blades in Preparation for Annual ConferenceTomorrow’s the annual Ira Sohn Research Investment Conference offers a chance for hedge fund managers to show off.
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    Hedge-Funder Bill Ackman Has Fishies in His ShowerThe Pershing Square manager has put his home on the market, and allows us a glimpse into his shower.
  3. white men with money
    Bill Ackman Apologizes for ‘Dreadful Performance’The Pershing Square hedge-funder is bowed but not beaten.
  4. company town
    Katie Couric Must Really Hate GoldfishMEDIA • Katie Couric’s YouTube channel provides real service journalism: While chitchatting with Joe Biden, the CBS anchor recommends viewers tune into her favorite viral video — the one where a little girl watches her goldfish get flushed down the toilet. [HuffPo] • The New York Times op-ed columnists can’t endorse political candidates. This “isn’t a problem” for Maureen Dowd because she doesn’t “do a partisan column.” [NYO] • Vegas, take note: Big Apple broadsheets are front-runners in the race for the Pulitzers. [E&P]