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  1. vision 2020
    Obama Is Lending His Aura to Multiple Presidential CandidatesIn what might be called the Obama Primary, there are several contenders, and only one candidate, Bernie Sanders, out of the running for now.
  2. vision 2020
    Welcome to the Electability PrimaryA look at the major candidates’ various ways of assuring voters they’ve got what it takes to win.
  3. democratic debates
    Key Moments From the December Democratic DebateHighlights from the eighth Democratic debate, including health-care fights, jabs at Mayor Pete, and an unexpected emphasis on wine caves.
  4. democratic debates
    Joe Biden Gets Off Easy, AgainIntelligencer staffers discuss the highlights of Thursday night’s feisty debate, which played out well for the Democratic front-runner.
  5. vision 2020
    The Democratic Debate Showcased a Fight for the Moderate LaneIt featured fireworks among center-left candidates, with Buttigieg where Klobuchar needs to be in Iowa, and both still chasing Biden.
  6. vision 2020
    Why Isn’t Anyone Attacking Bernie Sanders?Biden, Buttigieg, and Warren have never felt it was worth it to go after Sanders. Now, he’s surging and the opportunity might have passed.
  7. vision 2020
    Warren Sensibly Avoids Medicare for All Fantasy WorldPretending Medicare for All will happen quickly is inconsistent with her hard-headed brand of progressivism.
  8. vision 2020
    New Polls Are Good News for Biden, Bernie, and the Billionaire CandidatesIn five new national polls, Steyer’s and Bloomberg’s wallets are making an impact, while Biden and Sanders continue to show strength.
  9. the national interest
    Buttigieg Denies Youthful Indiscretion of Cutting Private Insurance CostsThe most ridiculous “scandal” of the primary yet.
  10. vision 2020
    How Bloomberg Could Shake the 2020 Race on Super TuesdayThe billionaire probably can’t win the nomination, but his monstrous spending could create big problems for survivors of the early state contests.
  11. segregation
    Pete Buttigieg’s Willful IllusionThe South Bend mayor claims he didn’t realize his city’s schools were still segregated. But it’s becoming less clear what he actually believes.
  12. democratic primaries
    Biden Accuses Buttigieg of Stealing His Plan, Questions Enthusiasm for WarrenThe gloves are off on the “No Malarkey” tour.
  13. vision 2020
    Democrats Should Make 2020 Into a Referendum on ‘More Socialism for Old People’The GOP needs seniors’ votes but is ideologically incapable of meeting their needs.
  14. vision 2020
    There’s Still No Clear Case for Bloomberg’s ElectabilityOne scenario has a Democratic Party panicking and nominating a billionaire they don’t particularly like who isn’t particularly electable.
  15. vision 2020
    Buttigieg-Gabbard 2020? Give Me a Break.A columnist takes license from Trump’s improbable 2016 election to pull an insanely unlikely Buttigieg-Gabbard ticket out of his … imagination.
  16. vision 2020
    Getting Hot Late Is Usually the Key to Winning IowaA good organization and momentum are both key to an Iowa caucus win, but this year there are signs of potential late shifts.
  17. vision 2020
    Could Pete Buttigieg Actually Become President?Mayor Pete’s minority voter problem is still a big obstacle to his “nominatability.” But as the nominee he could be the un-Trump.
  18. vision 2020
    Michael Bloomberg, Deval Patrick, and the Awful Specter of a Brokered ConventionThese late presidential entrants are more likely to help winnow the field than to deadlock a convention and win via an Establishment coup.
  19. vision 2020
    Why No One Is Attacking Pete ButtigiegAfter he spiked recently in polls, his team expected him to become a target. There’s a specific set of reasons opponents are laying off though.
  20. democratic debates
    5 Winners From the Fifth Democratic Primary DebateIt was a great night for Booker, Buttigieg, and people who are not professionally obligated to watch Democratic primary debates.
  21. vision 2020
    Pete Buttigieg Is Worried That Free Public College Would Benefit BillionairesTuition-free college won’t attract the children of billionaires to America’s public universities. But it would be an even better program if it did.
  22. vision 2020
    The Expected Pete Buttigieg Pile-On Never Happened in the Atlanta DebateMayor Pete has been surging in Iowa and New Hampshire polls — but his rivals pretty much left him alone.
  23. vision 2020
    Buttigieg’s Electability Argument: Only Young Outsiders Win for DemocratsMayor Pete is comparing himself to past winners Carter, Clinton, and Obama, which is clever but not exactly a slam-dunk argument.
  24. vision 2020
    Mayor Pete Will Have a Target on His Back at Wednesday’s DebateIntelligencer staffers discuss what to expect from the still-crowded stage in Atlanta.
  25. vision 2020
    10 Candidates Qualify for the November Democratic DebateJulián Castro failed to make the November cut. Six candidates have made the December debate, and Cory Booker is in the greatest danger of missing out.
  26. democratic primaries
    When It Comes to Goofy Group Dance Routines, Buttigieg Is No ModerateTeam Pete has “High Hopes” that you’ll want to learn the moves to his official campaign dance.
  27. vision 2020
    Is Pete Buttigieg Peaking Too Early in Iowa?Things are looking sunny for Mayor Pete, though there’s time for others to catch up in Iowa, and he still needs to woo more nonwhite voters.
  28. vision 2020
    Black Turnout Could Make or Break Democrats in 2020Democrats need high black turnout if they want to oust Trump. Putting Stacey Abrams on the ticket might be the best available strategy.
  29. vision 2020
    Buttigieg Bump Leads to Candidates Griping About Iowa AgainYou hear complaints every cycle, but fears that Iowa and New Hampshire will bleach the field or give an undeserved boost to Mayor Pete are rising.
  30. impeachment
    Could a Long Impeachment Trial Derail the Senators Running for President?If a Trump trial happens in prime presidential caucus-and-primary season, candidates could be imprisoned in the Senate.
  31. vision 2020
    Is Buttigieg’s Presidential Bid Buoyed by Male Privilege?Klobuchar says Mayor Pete has only gotten this far because he’s a man. It’s probably more complicated than that.
  32. vision 2020
    Several 2020 Democrats Could See Boost From Lack of Day-Job DistractionsAn impeachment trial in early 2020 could really mess up campaign schedules for senators running for president. Biden and Buttigieg may benefit.
  33. vision 2020
    Maybe Democrats Should Remain on the Defensive in 2020The Trump Era may call for a more proactive agenda, but the Trump campaign is all in on all the old attack lines — and Democrats need to be ready.
  34. vision 2020
    Can Anyone Catch the Big Four in Iowa?Biden, Buttigieg, Sanders, and Warren are far ahead of the rest of the field in Iowa, and there likely won’t be more than four tickets out of there.
  35. centrism
    Pete for Corporate AmericaThere’s a gap between Buttigieg’s man-of-the-people routine and his politics.
  36. vision 2020
    Can Cory Booker Revive His Flagging Campaign?Booker is a very good candidate … on paper. If he’s going to make a move in the race, it’s got to be now.
  37. vision 2020
    How Centrist Democrats Botched the 2020 PrimaryModerates are realizing, with horror, that their best bets are now a senescent, cash-poor Biden — or a college-town mayor with no black support.
  38. vision 2020
    Who Should Be Joe Biden’s Running Mate (If There Is One)?Andrew Yang says Biden has talked to him about becoming his running mate. There are other names he might consider.
  39. vision 2020
    Does Pete Buttigieg Have a Plausible Path to the Nomination?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the South Bend mayor’s rising profile corresponds to rising odds.
  40. vision 2020
    How Many Candidates Can Survive a Bad Showing in Iowa?There are traditionally “three tickets out of Iowa,” but there may be four this time around.
  41. vision 2020
    Buttigieg Showing Strength in IowaMeanwhile, would-be Biden alternatives Harris and Booker are struggling in Iowa, where they have both bet the farm.
  42. democratic primaries
    Pete Buttigieg’s Chicago Fundraiser Debacle Won’t Help Him With Black VotersHe needs black support for his new strategy: capturing Biden supporters if the former vice-president falters.
  43. democratic debates
    Why Pete Buttigieg Came Out SwingingMayor Pete’s aggressiveness in the fourth debate is part of his effort to position himself as the alternative to Joe Biden for moderate voters.
  44. democratic debates
    Warren Really Doesn’t Want to Talk About Middle-Class Tax HikesModerators and rivals want Warren to admit that her health-care plans requires a tax increase for the middle class. Warren wants to focus on costs.
  45. democratic debates
    The Age Issue Finally Came Up in a Democratic DebateIt’s been a sub-rosa issue throughout the earliest phases of the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination competition. That changed Tuesday.
  46. democratic debates
    Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke Spar on Assault-Weapon BuybacksAfter the candidates argued over the efficacy of O’Rourke’s proposal, Julián Castro added a strong closer: “Police violence is also gun violence.”
  47. vision 2020
    Why Haven’t More Democratic Presidential Candidates Dropped Out?There are seven candidates being left off the stage in the October (and probably November) debates, who for various reasons haven’t been “winnowed.”
  48. democratic debates
    Will Warren Have a Bull’s-eye on Her Back in the Ohio Debate?Various rivals have reasons to hope the new co-front-runner stumbles. But are any of them willing to risk being the one to give her a push?
  49. vision 2020
    Warren Overtakes Biden for Lead in National PollsFor the first time, the former veep’s not leading in the RealClearPolitics national polling average.
  50. vision 2020
    Warren Matches Sanders, Whips Biden, in Latest Fundraising RoundThere’s now a Big Three in the polls and a Big Four in fundraising, with Mayor Pete joining Warren, Biden, and Sanders in the money chase.
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