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Pete Sessions

  1. Texas Primary Roundup: Democratic Turnout Shows Progress, But No RevolutionMany contests won’t be resolved until a May runoff, but some upsets enlivened 2018’s first statewide election.
  2. conspiracy theories
    Congressman Responds to 9/11 Truther by Musing About JFK ConspiracyAnd making gun motions with his hands.
  3. early and awkward
    Unraveling the Ongoing ‘I Cannot Even Stand to Look at You’ MysteryWhat did a congressman really say to Obama?
  4. government shutdown
    The GOP Won’t End the Shutdown Because France?“Look, we’re not French, we don’t surrender.”
  5. wisdom
    Should the GOP Be Worried About Backlash From Shunned Tampa Strippers?Michael Steele has a point to make about the upcoming convention.
  6. best congress ever!
    Republicans Violate Constitution on ‘Love the Constitution Day’ [Updated]Oooh, bad day for that.
  7. early and awkward
    Republicans Already Out of Ideas to Reduce the National DebtTwo party leaders can’t name a single thing the GOP would do.