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  1. wall street justice
    Peter Kraus Finally Loses Some MoneyRecession finally catches up to man who made $25 million in three months at Merrill Lynch.
  2. white men with money
    AllianceBernstein CEO Peter Kraus Keeps It RealJust because he has a lot of material possessions doesn’t mean he never thinks about the meaning of life.
  3. white men with money
    Merrill’s Merry Men Raked In $209 Million in 2008Which, if you think about it, is only a fraction of the $27.6 billion the firm lost … hmmm, no, there’s no good way to look at this.
  4. big swinging dickheads
    How Peter Kraus Spent His Hard-Earned Bonus MoneyPeter Kraus, who was awarded $25 million for his three-month stint at Merrill Lynch, bought a fancy new pad.
  5. bonus watch
    Merrill Exec Scores $25 Million for Three Months of WorkSweeeeeeeeeeet.