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  1. early and often
    The Technolibertarian Crossover of the German Prince Who Would Be KaiserHeinrich XIII of Reuss has more in common with Peter Thiel than you may think.
  2. the national interest
    Blake Masters, Nazi-Adjacent Arizona Republican Senate CandidateAnother sign of the party’s radicalization.
  3. politics
    Is Peter Thiel Trying to Buy a Fight With China?The tech billionaire turned GOP megadonor is betting big on candidates who happen to be China hawks.
  4. 2022 midterms
    Peter Thiel to Leave Meta Board to Focus on Giving Republicans MoneyThe conservative billionaire is pivoting to become a benefactor for Trump supporters he used to employ.
  5. silicon valley
    Book Excerpt: Peter Thiel’s Untold College StoriesHis ideology dominates Silicon Valley. It began to form when he was an angry young man.
  6. silicon valley
    Is Palantir’s Crystal Ball Just Smoke and Mirrors?An inside look at how Big Data’s scariest, most secretive unicorn got its start.
  7. select all
    Peter Thiel’s Latest Venture Is the American GovernmentHow the VC learned to love Big Brother.
  8. ranking
    Big Tech’s Most Powerful Apostates, RankedSelf-criticism is suddenly huge in Silicon Valley. But not all critiques are created equal.
  9. life in pixels
    How Should You Feel About Zuck’s Dinner With Peter Thiel and Donald Trump?It’s extremely normal for the president to dine with the head of the largest communications apparatus on the planet and his democracy-skeptic mentor.
  10. man of the people
    Peter Thiel Makes a Nakedly Political Play in the New York TimesThiel rails against the Silicon Valley bubble as if he’s somehow not emblematic of it.
  11. conservatism
    What the Hell Is ‘National Conservatism’ Anyway?A conference in Washington, D.C., this week tried to flesh out a new political philosophy for the American right. The results were, at best, mixed.
  12. select all
    Good News: HQ Is Raising Some Funding. Bad News: It’s From Peter Thiel.Thiel’s Founders Fund is leading the round.
  13. select all
    Is Peter Thiel Playing Mark Zuckerberg?Recent news puts Thiel’s past actions in a new light.
  14. select all
    Peter Thiel Is Bidding on the Corpse of GawkerThe site’s archive could disappear.
  15. Report: Peter Thiel Is Souring on TrumpThe venture capitalist was an early passenger on the Trump Train, but it looks like he’s steeling himself for a derailment.
  16. select all
    Peter Thiel Apparently Wants to Bring Back the Woolly MammothPerhaps he’s hungry for a new type of blood?
  17. select all
    Palmer Luckey Has an Idea to Make America Great AgainIt involves a virtual border wall.
  18. select all
    Trump’s Newest Tech Adviser Is a Thiel PalPeter lingers in the shadows.
  19. select all
    Peter Thiel Is Poised to Become a National VillainSilicon Valley’s contrarian billionaire is reportedly being considered to lead Trump’s transition team.
  20. select all
    This Is What It Costs When a Tech Billionaire Declares War on YouThe weird saga of Gawker, Hulk Hogan, and Peter Thiel comes to a close.
  21. the national interest
    Peter Thiel and the Authoritarian-Libertarian Alliance for TrumpWhy their alliance against democracy makes sense.
  22. select all
    Maybe Peter Thiel Is Just a CrankThe press has taken Peter Thiel very seriously. But maybe it needs to start taking him more literally.
  23. Zuckerberg Defends Thiel’s Presence at Facebook by Failing to Address ItIt’s about “diversity.”
  24. select all
    Silicon Valley VCs Are Fine With Thiel’s Support of TrumpBecause he doesn’t threaten their ability to make money.
  25. select all
    5 Theories About Peter Thiel’s Bizarre $1.25 Million Donation to Donald TrumpHe’s giving $1.25 million to a lost cause.
  26. Report: Peter Thiel Will Donate $1.25 Million to Trump CampaignThiel is the most prominent Trump supporter in Silicon Valley.
  27. Does Peter Thiel Still Support Trump? He’s Not TellingThe billionaire has not clarified his support since the Access Hollywood leak.
  28. select all
    Peter Thiel Says Gawker Lawsuit Is About Protecting PrivacyThe billionaire explains his vendetta against the company.
  29. select all
    A Muted Celebration (and a Gamergate Heckler) at Gawker’s $1,000 WakeThe feeling of last night’s party was, unlike the product that Gawker puts out, understated.
  30. Peter Thiel Defies Expectations by Not Being a Cackling Bond VillainAnyone looking for the extreme-libertarian billionaire to call for the end of democracy was pretty disappointed.
  31. republican national convention
    Peter Thiel Is Pro-Trump, Mainly Because He’s Pro-TrollingHis speech at the RNC didn’t make any sense, and that may be the point.
  32. Maybe Peter Thiel Just Wants to Make MoneyFor the all the speculation about the tech billionaire’s reasons for supporting Trump, the answer might be right in front of us.
  33. Peter Thiel Might Be the Most Interesting Speaker at the RNCThiel’s speech is a chance for the tech billionaire to speak openly about his beliefs.
  34. Peter Thiel Stays on Facebook’s BoardIt was all up to Zuckerberg.
  35. Facebook Is Never Going to Talk About Peter ThielThe companies he is a board member of have nothing to say about his politics.
  36. Why Peter Thiel Wants to Topple Gawker and Elect Donald TrumpPeter Thiel’s crusade against Gawker is more than just a Citizen Kane redux.
  37. Hulk Hogan’s Lawyer Didn’t Know Who Was Funding the Gawker Lawsuit Until We DidThe billionaire has never spoken directly with the lawyer he’s cutting checks to.
  38. the national circus
    It’s Time for Hillary Clinton to Do Battle With Donald TrumpWhy the likely Democratic nominee can’t try to remain above the fray anymore. 
  39. Jeff Bezos Is Refashioning Himself Into the Valley’s Lone Defender of JournalismThe man who founded notoriously press-hostile Amazon is settling into his role as the owner of the Washington Post.
  40. Peter Thiel Isn’t a SupervillainHe’s a rather more familiar figure: a rich man used to getting his way.
  41. Peter Thiel’s Anti-Gawker Crusade Won’t Destroy JournalismThe tech billionaire’s scheme won’t open any doors that aren’t already wide open.
  42. How Peter Thiel Was Unmasked As Hulk Hogan’s Secret BackerThe Silicon Valley billionaire is funding the pro wrestler’s lawsuit crusade against Gawker Media.
  43. Peter Thiel’s Surprisingly Awesome Business BookSeize the future! Just don’t ask me to tell you how. 
  44. silicon valley visions
    Peter Thiel Wants to Make Hackers Into HeroesThe venture capitalist is trying to rekindle America’s love affair with tech.
  45. business
    Peter Thiel Names New Venture Firm After J.R.R. Tolkien’s Made-up Metal Nerd alert!
  46. white men with money
    Peter Thiel Doesn’t Think College Is Necessary Unless …You want to work for him.
  47. fun-raising
    Mitt Romney Has His Own Billionaire Guardian AngelsThey ponied up $500,000 each just last month. 
  48. white men with money
    Being Good at Chess May or May Not Make You RichHedge funds are the new chess club.
  49. the future is coming
    Peter Thiel Just Named the Lucky 24 Kids He’s Paying $100,000 to Stay Away From CollegeThe man with two degrees from Stanford pays kids not to go to school.
  50. the future is coming
    Facebook Investor Peter Thiel Thinks the Real Bubble Is Around Getting a College EducationGetting a college education isn’t cool.
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