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  1. Poll: Trump Has Hurt America’s Image in the Eyes of the WorldExcept in Russia and Israel, anyway.
  2. labels
    Take Pew’s Political Typology QuizAre you a New Coalition Democrat, a Main Street Republican, or something else?
  3. mahwidge
    Traditional Marriage Basically Obsolete, Survey FindsYounger Americans aren’t convinced it’s the way to go.
  4. notions
    Sixth Borough Continues to Take in Impoverished New YorkersNo, not Governor’s Island.
  5. words
    ‘Socialism’ Isn’t a Dirty Word for DemocratsIn fact, it’s about as good as capitalism.
  6. early and often
    Only 22 Percent of Americans Feel They Can Trust the Government Most of the TimeA new Pew poll shows us just how bad things have gotten in politics here in America.