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  1. booster shots
    CDC Director Overrules Advisory Panel on COVID Boosters for High-Risk WorkersThe agency’s director backed another shot for older and vulnerable Americans and for people whose jobs put them at higher risk of exposure.
  2. booster shots
    FDA Approves Pfizer Boosters for Seniors and Those at High RiskBoosters will be made available for those over 65, health-care workers, teachers, and others who already received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
  3. covid-19
    COVID Vaccines for 5-to-11-Year-Olds Likely Coming Within WeeksPfizer reports that its shot is effective in trials, and parents everywhere rejoice.
  4. booster shots
    FDA Panel Recommends Booster Shots for Those 65 and Over, But Not EveryoneThe panel’s vote against authorizing third shots of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for those 16 and over may derail the Biden administration’s booster plan.
  5. the naming of things
    What Is Up With the Brand Name for Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine?The shot has a new name, Comirnaty, now that it’s FDA approved. But brand-naming experts aren’t sure people will use the name or remember it.
  6. covid-19
    FDA Finally Gives Full Approval to Pfizer COVID VaccineThe U.S. gets its first fully authorized vaccine, which is expected to launch a wave of new mandates and is hoped to ebb hesitancy.
  7. vaccine mandates
    FDA Accelerates Timeline for Final Approval of Pfizer VaccineThe regulatory agency reportedly has an unofficial deadline of Labor Day or sooner, clearing potential legal hurdles for some vaccine mandates.
  8. coronavirus vaccine
    Pfizer to Seek Approval for a Third COVID ShotThe firm will apply in August for emergency authorization for a coronavirus booster shot in an effort to protect patients against the Delta variant.
  9. covid-19
    Feds Adding Warning to Pfizer, Moderna Shots Over Rare Heart ConditionThe CDC has so far confirmed 323 cases of the condition in people ages 12 through 29, but patients generally recovered from the symptoms.
  10. side effects
    CDC Flags Rare Cases of Heart Swelling in Young People After COVID JabReported myocarditis cases make up a tiny fraction of the nearly 130 million Americans who have had both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.
  11. covid-19
    Influencers Were Offered Cash to Smear Pfizer COVID-19 ShotA mysterious marketing agency offered them thousands of euros to make bogus claims about Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot.
  12. coronavirus vaccine
    CDC Advisory Panel Clears Pfizer Shot for 12-to-15-Year-OldsOnce the CDC director grants her approval, doses can be administered to adolescents anywhere they are given to adults.
  13. coronavirus vaccine
    FDA Authorizes Use of Pfizer Vaccine for Children 12 to 15The shot now heads to the CDC, which will determine as early as Wednesday if it can be administered in this age range.
  14. covid-19
    FDA Set to Authorize Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Adolescents: ReportKids aged 12-15 could be able to start getting the shot next week.
  15. covid-19
    Pfizer Vaccine 100 Percent Effective in Teens, New Study ShowsAppears to work even better than it does in adults, raising hopes of a return to normalcy in schools this fall.
  16. coronavirus news
    Pfizer Vaccine Neutralizes Brazil COVID-19 Variant: StudyA lab study suggests the two-shot regimen can protect people against the more contagious coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in Brazil.
  17. covid-19 vaccine
    Catholic Archdiocese Bans COVID Vaccine Over Tenuous Link to AbortionThe ruling would be right at home in the Middle Ages.
  18. covid-19
    Pfizer COVID Vaccine Is Highly Effective After Just One Dose, Study FindsAn Israeli study found the first jab reduces infections by 75 percent, bolstering the case for delaying second doses to stretch out supply.
  19. liveblog
    Pfizer, Trump Administration Reach Deal for More Doses: Live UpdatesThere will now be enough vaccine for at least 200 million Americans by the end of July.
  20. covid-19
    The Lonely Immunity of the COVID VaccineWhat participating in the Pfizer/BioNTech trial taught me about vaccine skepticism.
  21. explainer
    What We Know About the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution PlanThe largest mass-vaccination campaign in American history has begun. This is how it may or may not play out.
  22. coronavirus vaccine
    Pharmacists May Have Figured Out How to Get More Vaccine With One Simple TrickVials contain more vaccine than expected, pharmacists have told the FDA — enough to potentially increase the Pfizer stockpile by up to 40 percent.
  23. off like a shot
    The Vaccine Is Coming. When Will New Yorkers Get It?The largest vaccination campaign in the city’s history begins. Here’s what to know.
  24. biden administration
    Biden Team Flubs FDA Advisory Panel’s Vaccine AnnouncementThe Pfizer vaccine is now a step away from approval, contrary to the Biden team announcement that the FDA authorized the candidate for emergency use.
  25. covid-19
    White House Reportedly Passed on Buying 100 Million Vaccine DosesThe failure to purchase the recommended number of doses from Pfizer suggests there will be substantial delays in the vaccine rollout to come.
  26. covid-19
    U.K. Is First to Grant Emergency Authorization for Western VaccineHigh-risk Britons will start getting the shots next week.
  27. covid-19
    The Excellent Vaccine News Keeps on ComingPfizer announced that its candidate was 95 percent effective in now-completed late-stage trials.
  28. coronavirus news
    Pfizer Says Its COVID Vaccine May Be 90 Percent EffectiveThe news is exciting, but experts warn that the findings haven’t been peer-reviewed yet.
  29. in other news
    Pfizer Closes Brooklyn Plant, Fails to Update Website Employees at Pfizer’s manufacturing plant in South Williamsburg might want to sneak out with some Zoloft tonight: The pharmaceutical giant announced this afternoon that it will lay off 10,000 workers and close several sites, including the Brooklyn facility. The plant will close incrementally over the next two years, with the last of its 600 employees muttering Viagra jokes to himself at the end of 2008. We don’t know anyone who works at the Pfizer plant, but the Internet introduced us to Earl and Michael, two Williamsburg workers who might want to revise the generous quotes they gave to a Pfizer employment Website. Earl apparently joined the company as a temp in 1995, eventually rising to a tableting shift team leader. “Stay focused, and take your job seriously,” he recommends to prospective employees. “The opportunities are there.” Michael, a maintenance team leader, worked at the plant since 1969. “I received encouragement and sought out the knowledge I needed to succeed,” he recalled. “The opportunities still exist today.” Or not. Expect the site at 630 Flushing Avenue to go condo any minute. Working for Pfizer Global Manufacturing [Official site] Pfizer to Lay Off 10,000 Workers [NYT]