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    MSNBC Fires Writer of ‘Offensive’ TweetAnd apologizes to the RNC.
  2. cable news news
    MSNBC’s Phil Griffin Calls Fox News ‘Loserville’Gossip from the MSNBC side of the cable news “knife fight.”
  3. cable news news
    MSNBC Suspends Joe Scarborough for Two Days for Political DonationsAwkwardly, ‘Politico,’ for which Scarborough writes a column, uncovered them.
  4. cable news news
    Keith Olbermann Will Be Back on TuesdaySometimes “suspended indefinitely” doesn’t mean fired.
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    Keith Olbermann Is Not Above the Law at MSNBC [Updated]He’s been suspended indefinitely without pay.
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    MSNBC Realizes That It’s a Problem Running a Straight News Site That Shares the Name of a Slanted Cable ChannelCould MSNBC.com get a name change?
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    Basically, Everybody at MSNBC Seems Terrified of Keith OlbermannThat’s what a series of events today leads us to believe.
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    Phil Griffin Orders MSNBC Talent to Stop the InfightingOlbermann and Scarborough ordered to simmer down.
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    Phil Griffin: Leave Olbermann Alone!The MSNBC president’s chi is totally out of wack over all these unjust rumors circulating about his network.
  10. that’s the end of that
    NBC Tells Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews to Go to Their Rooms and Think About What They’ve DoneComplaints about liberal bias and on-air squabbling caused MSNBC to remand the anchors back to their own shows.
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    How Is Hippie MSNBC President Phil Griffin Dealing With All the Rage on His Network?Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, and Keith Olbermann are his men-at-arms. So why doesn’t he stop them from fighting each other?
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    With Appointment of Rachel Maddow to Prime-Time Host, Keith Olbermann Appears to Officially Run MSNBCBefore news was even out about Maddow’s new show, Olbermann was crowing that it was his decision.
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    Phil Griffin Will Not Let the Fox News Baddies Get Him DownThe new MSNBC president sounds off on rival Fox News.
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    In Which We Develop a Forbidden Love for Chris MatthewsHow a sexist loudmouth ‘Hardball’ host strode off the television and stole our heart.
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    MSNBC’s Phil Griffin Is Filled With Flowers, LightPhil Griffin, NBC News’ senior vice-president in charge of MSNBC, revealed himself to be kind of an awesome hippie in today’s Los Angeles Times. “Our people are not in straitjackets,” he told the paper. “They speak openly; they’re passionate. There’s a liveliness and richness to the conversation that you don’t see on CNN or Fox.” A liveliness and a richness? Tom Freston excepted, this is not the way we’re used to hearing New York–based suits talk, which is why, upon reading this, we kind of fell a little bit in like with Griffin, more so when we remembered that Griffin was the guy who said to New York last year, regarding his friend Keith Olbermann, “It takes some people a long time to find their happiness.” We could practically hear the sitars and were totally enchanted. Then we found his “Vows” column.