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    2 Big Leaguers Sue Al Jazeera Over Doping ReportSuits filed by Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard say the report was false and reckless.
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    Wherein We Find the Reason You Might Be Depressed by the Phillies’ ChampionshipPhilly’s got its first title in 25 years. But depending on your allegiances, New York’s teams haven’t exactly been having a great quarter-century, either.
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    By the Numbers: Phillies Humiliate MetsAfter last night’s Philadelphia National League Championship Series win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, a certain wacky prediction looked pretty wise.
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    Last Night’s Big Mets Collapse Just the Beginning?After last night’s disastrous ninth inning against the Phillies, Mets fans probably can’t wait for the injured Wagner to return to the bullpen.
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    Mets, Phillies to Flail It Out for Desperate FansIn a world where the ongoing Red Sox–Yankees “saga” is rudely interrupted by the Tampa Bay Rays, it is no wonder that the artificial construction of a Mets-Phillies rivalry has been so labored and dogged.
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    The Day Philadelphia Bested New YorkAs Mets fans averted their eyes last night from the dispirited slop on the field at Shea, they could find no comfort in the National League scoreboard. Before the Mets even stepped up to bat, the Phillies led the Braves by four. The St. Louis Cardinals shut out the Mets with little bombast, and fans left Shea so humiliated by simultaneously losing the game and their sole claim to first place in the NL East that they could barely muster a few feeble taunts at a guy wearing a Rick Ankiel jersey. This is what happens to New Yorkers when we realize that Philadelphia is better than us.