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  1. early and often
    The Progressive Takeover of Big Cities Is Nearly CompletePhiladelphia may soon join Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles in electing a left-wing mayor. This would put Eric Adams on notice.
  2. coronavirus vaccine
    The Fyre Festival of Vaccine RolloutsThe city of Philadelphia trusted a group run by a 22-year-old to vaccinate thousands, a venture that reportedly did not end well.
  3. the swamp
    The Full(est Possible) Story of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Press EventA six-week, 37-source search for answers.
  4. walter wallace jr.
    National Guard Mobilized in Philly After Police Killing of Walter Wallace Jr.Several hundred guardsmen will be deployed to Philadelphia within 48 hours, following the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. on Monday.
  5. coronavirus
    Philly Police Drag Man From Bus for Not Wearing a Face MaskA viral video of the incident forced Philadelphia transit authorities to rescind a coronavirus-prompted policy mandating that customers wear masks.
  6. games
    The Thrill of DefeatIt’s impossible to keep sports fans happy, but maybe that’s not the point.
  7. roundup
    The Starbucks Arrests and the Toll of Routine BiasWhat we know about the arrests of two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks, and what the response to the viral story is revealing.
  8. The Anti-Trump Movement Has Already Made Profound Progressive ChangeProgressives have revolutionized criminal justice in Philadelphia, and are on the cusp of passing a long list of vital reforms in Washington state.
  9. 42 Injured in Train Crash Outside of PhiladelphiaA high-speed train hit another train parked at the station in Upper Darby.
  10. Black Lives Matters’ Defense Attorney Is About to Become Philadelphia’s DAJeff Sessions has killed criminal-justice reform on the federal level. But in America’s fifth-largest city, it lives on.
  11. immigration
    Philadelphia Cinco de Mayo Event Canceled Due to ICE Raid ConcernsThe organizers of the El Carnaval de Puebla parade “don’t want anything to happen” to attendees.
  12. As Many As 100 Headstones Vandalized at Jewish Cemetery in PhiladelphiaIt’s the second Jewish cemetery in the U.S. to be vandalized in as many weeks.
  13. the urbanist
    Just What Kind of Democratic Town Is Philly?Delegates will find roast-pork bao with provolone — and a host of hot-button issues.
  14. train crashes
    2 Dead After Amtrak Crash South of PhiladelphiaThe two people killed were reportedly Amtrak workers on the backhoe. As many as 35 people were injured aboard the train.
  15. Philly’s Big News Outlets Are Going NonprofitThe Inquirer, Daily News, and Philly.com are trying to stay out of the click frenzy. 
  16. Philadelphia Gunman Who Opened Fire on Cop Was Inspired by ISISAmazingly, the officer survived.
  17. social experiments
    Innocent Hitchhiking Robot Murdered by AmericaIt had successfully studied the interactions between robots and humans in Europe and Canada, until it got to Philadelphia, where somebody decapitated it. 
  18. his holiness
    The Pope Is Coming!Well, maybe.
  19. happy things
    Young Woman Kidnapped in Philadelphia Miraculously Found AliveA happy ending to a horrifying story. 
  20. shootings
    Gunman Kills 1 at Pennsylvania Hospital; Doctor Fires BackThe rare good guy with a gun.
  21. unfriendly skies
    Plane Evacuated After Botched Takeoff in PhiladelphiaResulting in no injuries, one epic selfie.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Philly Police Have Arrested the ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’It is now safe to return to the dairy section.
  23. gross things
    There’s a Man Sexually Harassing Women With Swiss Cheese in PhiladelphiaHe’s currently known as the “Swiss Cheese Pervert.”
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    Michelle Obama’s SOTU Guest Turns Out to Be Absolutely DespicableAllegedly!
  25. oh brooklyn
    Brooklyn Flea Will Still Be Called ‘Brooklyn Flea’ in PhillyIt’s expanding, as a brand.
  26. sad things
    Veteran Philadelphia Sportswriter Bill Conlin Accused of Molesting ChildrenAlleged victims from the seventies say they are coming forward now because of the recent scandal at Penn State.
  27. curfews
    Philly Teenagers Had the Least Fun Friday Night EverCops are serious about the city’s new curfew laws.
  28. the gods must be crazy
    Philadelphia Archdiocese Suspends 21 PriestsHallelujah?
  29. notions
    Sixth Borough Continues to Take in Impoverished New YorkersNo, not Governor’s Island.
  30. blog tax
    Philly Blog Tax Exceeds Most Blog IncomesIf your tiny, insignificant blog has ads, the city’s Business Privilege Tax will show no “Brotherly Love.”
  31. the sixth borough
    Philadelphia Magazine Editor Ousted After Presenting Photo of Testicular Cyst to Female StafferThat’s just the tip of the iceberg.
  32. the war against nature
    Wild Turkeys Are Attacking People in a New Jersey NeighborhoodAnd Philadelphia is laughing!
  33. the sixth borough
    Philadelphia Newspapers Bankruptcy Predictably Gets UglyWe are shocked, shocked.
  34. the sports section
    News: Manning to Be $120 Million ManAlso, apparently we have a new rival sports city.
  35. the sports section
    Are New York Fans the New Philly Fans?By the looks of the way Giants fans destroyed a pair of cars in the stadium parking lot on Sunday, it would appear so.
  36. live from the sixth borough
    Prized New York Book Collection Snagged by PhillyTruman Capote would not approve.
  37. the sports section
    Wherein We Find the Reason You Might Be Depressed by the Phillies’ ChampionshipPhilly’s got its first title in 25 years. But depending on your allegiances, New York’s teams haven’t exactly been having a great quarter-century, either.
  38. live from the sixth borough
    Hey, What’s It Like to Be in Philly Today?We round up the local news and politics from the center of American politics (at least until tomorrow).
  39. early and often
    Calm Your Jitters With the Democratic-Debate Drinking Game!If Hillary Clinton can try to make politics more appealing by getting drunk, so can we.
  40. live from the sixth borough
    Baby’s First BrazilianA sick new trend is sweeping the Sixth Borough. What are the implications for New York?
  41. early and often
    Barack Obama’s Speech Fails to Unite America … Over His SpeechYesterday we compared Barack Obama’s Philadelphia address on race in America to Mitt Romney’s recent last-ditch speech on faith. But as the New York Times points out, it’s really more like JFK’s 1960 speech on religion. It came at a time when Democrats, and probably even Republicans, were bored with the current political dialogue and thirsting for some honesty and something new to talk about. Indeed, yesterday and last night, hordes of people were writing and discussing. The overarching question: Will it matter? Will it change the course of Obama’s candidacy? Will it change the course of America? A lot of that is up to the press, not the people. But even the editorial boards of The Wall Street Journal, the Times and the New York Post professed not to know what the effects would be.
  42. company town
    Cravath’s Good Ol’ Boys Miss the Good Ol’ DaysLAW • One old lawyer reminisces about his time at Cravath in the fifties and speculates on why big law used to be — used to be? — such a man’s world: “Obviously, male bigotry played a major role. But I think something else was involved — an attempt to protect certain values that mattered greatly to the practitioners of that time. They wanted a workplace free of the messiness of male-female relations. They liked to say, ‘Yes, sir,’ and ‘No, sir,’ and be done with it. Women might bring distractions: flirtations, gossip, dating. No more male bonding.” Aw…! [American Lawyer] • Everyone’s talking about Robert Morgenthau stepping down after 33 years as Manhattan D.A.— except Robert Morgenthau. [NYT] • NYU Law School listserv smackdown! First e-mail: “I decided to compile a list of the easiest professors at NYU Law for those of us who: 1. Want an easy A, and 2. Don’t care about the grade and just want a B without doing a thing.” Second e-mail: “Does your mom still teach here? Because I heard that she’s REALLY easy.” Third e-mail: “If you came to NYU Law school thinking to take shortcuts to get easy As as opposed to taking classes that you would find challenging and helpful to your understanding of law practices, here’s my nugget of advice: save the money and go to a state law school.” Fourth e-mail: “We come to NYU to take made-up classes like ‘Jesus & the Constitution,’ ‘Inter-Animal Contracts,’ and ‘International Law.’ Coming to NYU for anything other than intellectual masturbation or an easy job is a waste of money.” [Above the Law]