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Phoenix Rally

  1. size matters
    Trump Fires Longtime Event Organizer Over Sparse Crowd at Phoenix RallyHe was reportedly upset to see some empty space in the room before he took the stage.
  2. Forgotten Mainline Protestants Challenge Evangelicals to Stand Up to TrumpWhile most conservative evangelical leaders are avid Trump fans or passive enablers, mainline Protestants are urging them to show some independence.
  3. phoenix rally
    Police Use Tear Gas on Protesters After Trump’s Phoenix RallyThe event drew thousands of peaceful protesters, but the situation turned chaotic after Trump’s divisive speech.
  4. Trump’s Rehash of His Charlottesville Remarks Was Deceitful and Self-DestructiveNobody was surprised the president cut loose at a rally in Phoenix. But he showed he can’t drop his losing argument.