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  1. oops
    The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Phone With the Folding Screen, Is MalfunctioningWho would’ve guessed that a folding screen would break at some point?
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    Hell Yes, There Are Fidget-Spinner PhonesTwo hot new fads kids can’t get enough of, fidget spinners and cellular phones, have finally come together.
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    A Former NSA Lawyer Explains Why Border Phone Searches Are a Waste of TimeIt’s inefficient and yields bad intelligence.
  4. Want to Talk to Trump? Hit Up His Old CellHe’ll call you back on his new phone if he likes you.
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    Good Luck Getting Laid With Your Busted Phone and Its Cracked ScreenSingle people look down on those with cracked screens.
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    Why It Matters That Trump Is Still Using an Insecure PhoneThe Secret Service would prefer that he use a phone with military-grade encryption and almost none of the standard features.
  7. Donald Trump Is Still Using His Unsecured Personal Cell PhoneIt’s beginning to look like the president’s outrage over Hillary Clinton’s email habits may not have been entirely sincere.
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    A Way to Dry Out Your Phone That Actually Works (No Rice Required)A company called Redux wants to rescue your phone, even if you’ve dropped it straight in the ocean.
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    What Phones Should Kim Kardashian Buy?What can replace her beloved BlackBerry Bold?
  10. Love Ads? Boy, Do We Have the Phone for YouTake a discount on your phone in exchange for staring at ads all day.
  11. Is Google Actually Going to Release a Phone This Year?A Telegraph report claims Google is developing a phone to release this year.
  12. status symbols
    The Newest Area Code You Don’t Want: 929It’s the city’s sixth area code.
  13. make my day
    Shooting Victim Extremely Grateful to Have Bulky Old-School Cell PhoneIf it weren’t for the device, this morning’s fight with his super could have turned out differently.
  14. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Says to Stop Holding Your iPhone With Your Hand Like an IdiotWe thought Apple customers were supposed to be tech-savvy.