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  1. the emperor’s new props
    13 Times President Trump Had the Best, Most Beautiful PropsFrom giant stacks of blank paper to Sharpie-scrawled notes on a scandal, no one shows off dubious documents and diagrams like our commander-in-chief.
  2. sksksksksk
    VSCO CEO Reacts to Summer’s Biggest Meme, the ‘VSCO Girl’“A VSCO girl doesn’t define everyone on VSCO. Yeah, it defines a group that’s there, for sure, but there’s so many more.”
  3. Workers Are Rushing to Fix the Oroville Dam Spillway With More Rain on the WayThe crisis has been averted, for now, but crews are rushing to fix an emergency spillway that forced the evacuation of nearly 200,000.
  4. across the universe
    Here’s What This Week’s Total Solar Eclipse Looked Like From SpaceIn case you missed it on Earth — which you probably did. 
  5. Photos: On the Campaign Trail in Iowa and N.H.A glimpse at the Republican routes in early voting states.
  6. the environment
    Bolivia’s Second-Largest Lake Is Now a WastelandIt has basically disappeared. 
  7. gallery
    Dogs With GoPros: What New York City Looks Like From a Pooch’s Point of ViewA photo experiment.
  8. gilded age 1.0
    How the Other Half Lived During NYC’s Last Gilded AgeA little perspective.
  9. the pope’s american adventure
    3rd-Graders School Pope Francis in East HarlemHe may be the holiest man on earth, but technology is not his thing. 
  10. photos
    How Wildfires Have Devastated a Lake Resort Town in Washington StateDozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed near Lake Chelan, Washington.
  11. the world
    Photos: Thousands of Refugees Camped at ChunnelMore than 1,500 migrants tried to cross Tuesday night, and at least one died in the attempt.
  12. endings
    South Carolina’s Confederate Flag Comes Down to Cheers, SingingCrowds packed the statehouse grounds.
  13. gallery
    A Nepalese Photographer Captures Quake AftermathA survivor is also a documentarian.
  14. gallery
    The Unexpected Art of the MTA’s In-House PhotographerPatrick Cashin might have the most interesting job in all of transportation.
  15. photos
    Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Is Erupting for the First Time in More Than 4 DecadesPhotos of the eruption in southeastern Chile.
  16. gallery
    ‘I Heard Only Screams’: Syrian Migrants Come Ashore on a Deserted Greek IslandPhotos of 49 migrants who fled Syria and survived the dangerous boat ride to reach Europe.
  17. gallery
    ‘This Too Shall Pass’: The Ruins of Industrial GowanusBrooklyn’s ruins mesmerize.
  18. gallery
    Residents in New York’s Projects Turn the Camera Onto ThemselvesA new book, Project Lives,  features residents’ photos of everyday life in public housing.
  19. what’s everyone looking at?
    Everyone in Europe Is Busy Staring at the Sun TodayA solar eclipse has left people across the globe looking like the beginning of a RoboCop army. 
  20. ferguson
    Scenes From Ferguson Protests Around the CountryAnger, pain, and smoke.
  21. ferguson
    More Unsettling Photos From Last Night’s Protests in FergusonTaken at the protests for Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.
  22. photo op
    This Is What It Looks Like When Times Square Turns Off the LightsFor the annual Earth Hour.
  23. hurricane sandy
    Remembering Hurricane Sandy, One Year Later, With Pari Dukovic’s PhotographsA new exhibit in Brooklyn.
  24. civil rights
    March on Washington’s 50th Anniversary PhotosEric Holder and other leaders spoke about the continued need to fight for civil rights.
  25. official business
    Send Us Your Brooklyn Photos!They could end up in an upcoming issue of New York.
  26. talking about the weather
    Here’s a Photo of Lightning Striking the Empire State Building YesterdayBrought to you by Keith Olbermann.
  27. pillow fights
    Pillow Fight Day 2012 Was a Happy, Feathery MessNew Yorkers hit one another playfully over the weekend.
  28. rock you like a hurricane
    Send Us Your Hurricane Irene Photos and Tips!Keep us connected to your neighborhood.
  29. official business
    Send Us Your Photographs From September 11, 2001See a sampling of the best pictures so far.
  30. photo op
    This Williamsburg Dumpster Is Properly Labeled“No babies.”
  31. afghanistan
    ‘Kill Team’ Corporal Sentenced to 24 YearsJeremy Morlock was convicted of killing three Afghan civilians.
  32. afghanistan
    Trophy Photos of Army’s ‘Kill Team’ With Afghan Civilians Could Be Worse Than Abu GhraibU.S. and international forces in Afghanistan brace for attacks.
  33. ink-stained wretches
    New Yorker Visuals Editor Elisabeth Biondi Leaves After Fifteen YearsShe’ll become a curator.
  34. made-off
    Cheers to Your Nascent Ponzi Scheme!Ruth Madoff rocks a Jane Fonda look in a shot from the Madoff family album.
  35. slideshow
    Slideshow: Spring in New YorkThe best of Flickr’s amateur photography on the changing of the season.
  36. election hangover
    Terrorist Fist-Jabs Backstage on Obama Victory NightA new set of adorable photos may have a sinister undertone. Okay, just kidding.
  37. photo op
    Why Didn’t Anyone Run These Recent Photos of Madonna Looking Normal?After the hubbub last week about a round of paparazzi photos that made the singer look gaunt and battered, we can’t understand why this latest group of shots didn’t make a splash.
  38. photo op
    The Waterfalls Are Upon UsHere’s how to go see them.
  39. photo op
    Bubbles Aren’t Bad for EveryoneThis guy wants you to think about bubbles in the old-fashioned, happy way, for once.
  40. in other news
    Roommates Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford Are Hiding Their Photobucket in Plain SightAnd lo and behold, they seem like real boys after all!
  41. in other news
    Michael Musto Does Lindsay Lohan As Marilyn MonroeGod bless Michael Musto. In an homage (we’ll choose to call it that) to New York’s recent nude Lindsay Lohan photo spread, the Village Voice columnist decided to stage his own version. He painstakingly re-created each pose, which Lindsay had, in turn, re-created from the original Marilyn Monroe series. (Bert Stern, who photographed both Lindsay and Marilyn, did not work with Musto.) Writes Michael: I’ve long lived quite dangerously myself, and so, anxious to share my desperate man-tits with an audience beyond Chelsea, I gleefully agreed to star in an homage to an homage: Musto as Lohan as Marilyn. That’s three generations of loveliness, and I prepared for it by not shaving or waxing a thing, just letting it all hang in the wind as both a nod to history and a means of reclaiming control. Just like with Marilyn and Lindsay, people have always grabbed at me, wanting a piece of my piece and a slice of my soul, but usually with more pepperoni and less cheese. You’ve got to click through to look at the entire slideshow. We’ll warn you: It’s not safe for work. Or, with all due love and respect to Musto, lunch. Michael Musto as Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe… in “The Ultimate Re-Vamping” [VV] Related: Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe in “The Last Sitting” [NYM]
  42. ground-zero watch
    Freedom Tower Peeks Over Ground-Zero Sidewalks? Oh, the excitement back in January, when Freedom Tower construction finally — five-plus years after the attacks — reached the towering height of eight feet below sidewalk level. The milestone was marked by a festive “Metro” section article in the Times, explaining just where you had to stand, and just how you had to crane your neck, to get a view of this feat of construction. So it’s with even greater exultation that we discovered this picture on Curbed today, which seems to indicate that construction has — are you sitting down? — actually progressed to above ground! Of course, the Curbed boys speculate what we’re seeing is merely a few Portajohns. Perhaps. But, even so, hey, we’ll take what we can get. WTC Chaos Update: Something Rises Above Grade! [Curbed] Earlier: The Freedom Tower Exists for Anyone Who Truly Believes In It
  43. photo op
    Rain And then more rain tonight. And then cloudy tomorrow. And then perhaps the worst part: Rainy and hot on Friday. Feh.
  44. photo op
    The March of Progress in Red Hook The old Revere Sugar factory in Red Hook is finally, completely no more, as Curbed called to our attention late yesterday. Ah, progress. Empty [f.trainter’s Flickr via Curbed]
  45. photo op
    Old Kissers Neither Die Nor Fade Away Yesterday was the 62nd anniversary of V-J, and to commemorate this country’s hard-fought military victory over Japan in 1945, a bunch of guys dressed as sailors descended on Times Square to kiss a bunch of girls dressed as nurses, as they’ve been doing — or at least as we totally feel like they’ve been doing — every year on this anniversary for more than a few years now. It was a stirring, patriotic moment — or else just a chance for people who’ve never met before to engage in cheesy public displays of affection encouraged by a BID milking iconic imagery for its own marketing purposes. One of the two.
  46. photo op
    Where the Sidewalk Ended Aha! We searched all the photo services this morning, but no one — not AP, not Reuters or Getty, not Polaris or Retna — had a shot of midtown’s collapsed sidewalk. Curbed, however, does. Herewith, the south side of West 36th Street yesterday afternoon. Thanks, Curbed kids, and bless you, Internet. Crumbling of NYC: View to a Sidewalk Collapse [Curbed]
  47. photo op
    Washout As of mid-afternoon, today’s storm had dropped 1.27 inches of rain in Central Park. And the forecast says it’s supposed to keep raining all night tonight. But there’s some good news: It looks like it’s going to be freaking gorgeous this weekend, whether you’re in town or on the East End or down the shore or upstate. Also, at least you don’t have this guy’s job.
  48. photo op
    Today’s Ideal Thematic News Photo See, ‘cause it’s raining and the stock market’s doing nutty things. Get it? Nice work, AFP.
  49. photo op
    Berry, Berry Good to Her We’re not quite sure why, but Polaris Images sent us a set of photos of Ana, a Russian immigrant, picking wild boysenberries yesterday in Central Park. So there you have it: There are fresh wild boysenberries, ripe for the picking, waiting for you in Central Park, apparently on the West Side near 106th Street. You know, in case you haven’t been feeling enough like a sharecropper lately. (Which is not to say we’d ever say no to a nice cobbler.)
  50. photo op
    To Do: See Public Art Taking Over East Village Corner The big yellow-and-pink words “To Do” that turned up Sunday night on the corner of 6th Street and First Avenue are, interestingly enough, just that: to-do lists. The public-art collective Illegal Art installed some 3,744 three-inch-by-three-inch Post-its on two street-level billboards, and passersby are encouraged to write their own to-do lists on the stickies. (Illegal Art collects the lists and replenishes the Post-its each day.) So what do New Yorkers need to do? “E-mail Vinnie.” “Eat gummy bears.” “Nap.” “Samba.” And a lot, apparently, need to “Call my mom.” —Matthew Fishbane
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