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    Chevyn McClintock Has a Little Problem With Pia MillerRon Burkle isn’t the only one who gets burned in the memoir Chevyn McClintock is shopping, which “Page Six” reported yesterday contained the astonishing news that Burkle was a dud in the sack. Chevyn sent us another chapter last night, and it turns out she also has an ax to grind with Pia Miller Getty, the daughter of billionaire Robert Miller, the eldest of the troika of “Miller sisters”(the others are Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and Alexandra von Furstenberg) and the onetime wife of oil heir Christopher Getty. Oh, about that last thing! According to McClintock, she was actually married to Christopher Getty when he was introduced to Pia (by “a New York gay investment banker named Alecko Papamarcko” whose “reputation as a matchmaker for children of the rich and famous was legendary” no less). But things really heated up between Miller and Getty at a party the three of them attended at the Met in New York back in the early nineties. According to Chevyn! We have no idea if the following anecdote from her proposal is true or not; she’s sort of unreliable. For example, she admits in the manuscript that she was not exactly married to Christopher Getty, as “there was a problem with the legality of their union.” And is that even her her name? But she is extremely entertaining. Seriously, a little editing and lawyering and this IS the society version of Confessions of a Video Vixen. Get this woman a book deal!