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  1. kaaaahhhnnn!
    Housekeepers at the Pierre Hotel Given Self-Defense Classes“Don’t strike with your fist because you could break your knuckles!”
  2. hotels
    Egyptian Banker Arrested for Hotel Maid Sex AssaultAlleged assault at the Pierre after a room service request for “tissues.”
  3. it’s a rich-eat-rich world
    So Is Lionel Pincus’s Death a Victory for His Princess Girlfriend?She does get the Pierre penthouse …
  4. it’s a rich-eat-rich world
    The Dispute Between the Pincus Sons and the Princess Is Not About the MoneyJust kidding.
  5. it’s a rich-eat-rich world
    The Princess, the Pincus Billionaire, and the Pierre PenthouseA new lawsuit over a spectacular apartment is shaping up to be an epic battle of socialite versus socialite.
  6. cultural capital
    Because He’s SchnabulousThe list of reasons why we love Julian Schnabel are many and varied — he is large and hairy, but has a funny Mickey Mouse voice; he constructed a large pink castle in the middle of the city and named it Palazzo Chupi; he can often be found in pajamas and sometimes a skirt; he has more progeny than we can keep track of; he appears to have no filter whatsoever. Perhaps most importantly, he is one of a diminishing number of personalities from an era when New York City, even on its worst days, felt like more than just a collection of Duane Reades and bank branches clustered on a chunk of concrete. And now we add to our list an exchange from the Daily Telegraph’s profile of the Schnab, which we have transcribed below. Schnabel: I kid around a lot. I have a lot of fun. But most people don’t have a sense of humor.… And then I read in this other thing that I was name-dropping all the time. Well it just so happens that the people I know are famous. You know, they work in the movies with me. They’re my friends. It’s like if I said… What’s your name? Reporter: (Thinks: My name? We have been talking for the past two hours.) Mick. Schnabel: Mick what? Reporter: Mick Brown. Schnabel: Okay, so I could say I was talking to Mick Brown the other day — I might well say that. (His tone sounds doubtful.) But they might not know who Mick Brown is. Reporter: (Thinks: Maybe they will after I become famous for murdering a famous artist/director.) Julian Schnabel, Larging It [Daily Telegraph]