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  1. international affairs
    Ahmadinejad Condemns Extremism, Says U.S. Armed Forces Encourage It“Some of the behaviors of the U.S. in our region encourages extremism.”
  2. 2013
    Alec Baldwin Is Still Interested in Running for Office in New YorkBut he’s not sure what, when, and how.
  3. cable news catfights
    James Wolcott Plays Right Into Piers Morgan’s HandsDon’t make fun of the man, it only makes him stronger!
  4. cable news news
    Larry King Wouldn’t Exactly Call Piers Morgan ‘Dangerous’Catfight!
  5. cable news news
    Piers Morgan a Week In: Ratings Slipping, Confidence ClimbingMSNBC may have a horse race on its hands.
  6. cable news news
    Piers Morgan Takes On Oprah, and Comes Up ShortPiers Morgan gives a lukewarm debut.
  7. party chat
    Piers Morgan Debuts on the New York Cocktail Scene With Jabs at O’Reilly, FoxLet the verbal jousting begin! (Er, continue?)
  8. cable news news
    Piers Morgan Will Have Howard Stern, George Clooney, and Rudy Giuliani in His First WeeksOpening with a bang.
  9. cable news news
    Piers Morgan’s First Guest Will Be OprahNice work!
  10. cable news catfights
    Piers Morgan Has Thin Twitter SkinThis is going to be great when his show debuts.
  11. blog-stained wretches
    Steve Krakauer Joins Piers Morgan TonightThe prolific Mediaite writer will be digital producer for the new CNN show.
  12. cable news news
    Former Today and NBC Nightly News Executive Producer Tapped to Helm Piers Morgan TonightCNN just announced that Jonathan Wald will executive produce Morgan’s program, which is set to replace ‘Larry King Live’ in January 2011.