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  1. on with kara swisher
    Piers Morgan on Free Speech, Elon Musk, and the Meaning of MeatIn the latest episode of On With Kara Swisher, she grills the tabloid veteran about his long, tumultuous career and whether his outrage is all an act.
  2. feuds
    Watch Rudy Giuliani and Piers Morgan Argue Over Whose Fall Was More PatheticStop fighting, you’re both right!
  3. politics
    We’re Now Paying Off Trump’s Vietnam Draft-Dodger DebtIn his interview with Piers Morgan, Trump appeared to show regret for not having served in Vietnam, but said he’s making up for it now, God help us.
  4. donald trump
    9 Must-See Moments From Trump’s Bonkers Interview With Piers MorganIncluding his denial of climate change and trying on a bowler hat.
  5. President Trump Tells Piers Morgan That Polar Ice Caps Are Doing GreatAlso, did you hear the dodo is flourishing?
  6. non-apologies
    Trump Tells U.K. He ‘Would Apologize’ for Racist Retweets, Doesn’t Quite Do ItHe mainly emphasized that he didn’t know Britain First was a far-right extremist group when he promoted their anti-Muslim videos.
  7. Trump To Britain: I Am the Opposite of StupidIn an interview with Good Morning Britain, Trump defends his intelligence and Muslim ban, while telling David Cameron and London mayor Sadiq Khan to piss off.
  8. media beef
    Piers Morgan Is Sick and Tired of Larry King Bullying HimThe ex-CNN host declares war on the ex-ex-CNN host.
  9. the internet
    New York’s Most Influential Tweeters May Surprise YouA ranking based not on followers, but engagement, for 2014 so far.
  10. talking heads
    Larry King Says Piers Morgan Was No Larry KingAlso he’s around to come back to CNN, if necessary.
  11. cable news news
    CNN Deports Piers Morgan From Its Prime-Time LineupJeff Zucker heard the American people.
  12. Watch Piers Morgan Get Pegged Very Hard With a Cricket BallOver and over. 
  13. the clintons
    Now Chelsea Clinton Is Being Pressured to Run for President TooPresumably after making the Clintons grandparents.
  14. Piers Morgan Kind of Blames President Obama for D.C. Shooting“You promised action after Sandy Hook @BarackObama - where is it?”
  15. Sigh: Piers Morgan Figures Out the Weiner JokeIn front of Christine Quinn.
  16. huge weirdos
    Piers Morgan’s Chat With the Cleared Ricin Suspect Was His ‘Weirdest Ever’“I don’t even eat rice,” Elvis-impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis says.
  17. boston bombing
    New York Lawmaker Defends Torture, Refuses to Stop Being a JerkOn Piers Morgan.
  18. nanny state
    Piers Morgan Tries to Sell Christine Quinn on a Big-Soda ‘Nanny State’“We all need a bit of nannying about.”
  19. media spats
    Piers Morgan ‘Couldn’t Give a Toss’ About That ‘Dick’ Andrew SullivanThe CNN host is pretty sure he’s driving the conversation, thanks.
  20. Larry King Has Noticed That Piers Morgan’s Show Is ‘a Lot About Him’“Zzzzzzz,” says Morgan.
  21. gun control
    White House Officially Refuses to Deport Piers MorganJay Carney finally responded to the petition asking for it.
  22. epic rants
    The Man Who Would Deport Piers Morgan Goes Nuts on His Show [Updated]Alex Jones calls Morgan a “hatchet man of the new world order.”
  23. gun control
    Piers Morgan Might Just Deport HimselfGood news for all the people who signed that petition.
  24. petitions
    Second Amendment Defenders Want CNN’s Piers Morgan Deported That Brit has been allowed to berate gun advocates for too long.
  25. scandal-stained wretches
    Piers Morgan’s Old Tabloid Sued for Phone HackingThe scandal has moved beyond News Corp.
  26. stuck in the mittle
    Chait on Piers: ‘Binders’ Trivializes Campaign“He just missed the word,” says Chait.
  27. empty chairs
    Bachmann Cancels on Piers Morgan, Morgan Wonders If It’s His Accent“Why are all these Republicans suddenly bailing on me?”
  28. the supremes
    Scalia Insists Justices Didn’t Bully Roberts Over ObamacareThe justices are still besties.
  29. crime and punishment
    Casey Anthony ‘Ashamed’ of Behavior During InvestigationShe tells Piers Morgan, “I didn’t kill my daughter.”
  30. frank rich
    Frank Rich on Piers Morgan: Obama’s CoolnessThey look like “old fogies.”
  31. jesus christie
    Check Out a ‘Slightly Trimmer’ Chris ChristieChristie says he’s seeing a trainer. 
  32. scandal-stained wretches
    Piers Morgan Keeps His Distance at Phone-Hacking InquiryThe CNN host and former tabloid editor gave very careful answers today.
  33. cable news news
    Piers Morgan Has Been a So-So Larry King ReplacementThe ratings are not really improving.
  34. no he cain’t
    Cain Accuser Calls for Apology on Piers Morgan Tonight Cain’s campaign fires back.
  35. party chat
    Herman Cain Caused Piers Morgan to Question His Own Abortion Beliefs“Whether I was pro-choice or pro-life, I couldn’t decide which way I should be after talking to him.”
  36. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain Might Actually Be Pro-Choice and Not Know ItHis position on abortion isn’t getting much clearer.
  37. video
    Frank Rich on Piers Morgan: Obama Needs to Get Tough“Stop being just the nicest adult in the room.”
  38. being weird
    Christine O’Donnell Doesn’t Have to Answer to Piers Morgan“Don’t you think, as a host, if I say ‘This is what I wanna talk about,’ that’s what we should address?”
  39. mark sanford
    Mark Sanford Is Gonna Get It Right This TimeThe former South Carolina governor tells Piers Morgan about life on the other side of the Appalachian Trail.
  40. scandal-stained wretches
    Piers Morgan Could Be Next to Testify in Phone-Hacking ScandalPoliticians in England say he has some explaining to do.
  41. scandal-stained wretches
    Heather Mills Says a Non–News Corp. Journalist Admitted to Hacking Her Voice MailThe Mirror Group could be the next to face phone-hacking charges.
  42. media metamorphoses
    Is It Okay for Reporters to Tweet Things They Don’t Know to Be True?That’s a question posed today.
  43. phone hacking scandal
    Former Daily Mirror Reporter Says Phone Hacking Widespread at Paper Under Piers MorganSaid “it was seen as a bit of wheeze.” Oh, those Brits.
  44. rupe’s troops
    Piers Morgan Denies That He Ever Hacked a Phone or Asked Anyone to Hack a PhoneJust in case you were curious.
  45. scandal-stained wretches
    CNN’s Piers Morgan Latest in Phone Hacking CrosshairsQuestions raised about his time editing ‘News of the World’ and the ‘Daily Mirror.’
  46. blobs
    Piers Morgan Is Expecting AgainThe baby will be his fourth, but his first with his wife of one year, Celia Walden.
  47. early and awkward
    Trump Talks Weinergate, Pizzagate, and the GovernatorOn Anthony Wiener’s wiener: “I’d say ‘that’s me’ or ‘that’s not me.’”
  48. oh pawlease
    Tim Pawlenty Insists ‘I’m Running for President’ Doesn’t Mean He’s Running for PresidentWhoops.
  49. cable news catfights
    James Wolcott Plays Right Into Piers Morgan’s HandsDon’t make fun of the man, it only makes him stronger!
  50. matt damon
    Matt Damon’s Love Affair With Obama Is Over“I no longer hope for audacity.”
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