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    Piers Morgan to Briefly Demonstrate How Dangerous He Can BeHis guest will be Larry King, who recently mocked Morgan’s oversold edginess.
  2. cable news news
    Larry King Wouldn’t Exactly Call Piers Morgan ‘Dangerous’Catfight!
  3. internet-stained wretches
    The Tim and Arianna Show Hits the RoadThe pair talk paid content with Piers Morgan.
  4. cable news catfights
    Howard Stern, Piers Morgan Exchange PotshotsEveryone’s an adult this week.
  5. cable news news
    Piers Morgan a Week In: Ratings Slipping, Confidence ClimbingMSNBC may have a horse race on its hands.
  6. cable news news
    Piers Morgan Pulled in 2.1 Million ViewersThose are good numbers.
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    Piers Morgan Takes On Oprah, and Comes Up ShortPiers Morgan gives a lukewarm debut.
  8. party chat
    Piers Morgan Debuts on the New York Cocktail Scene With Jabs at O’Reilly, FoxLet the verbal jousting begin! (Er, continue?)
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    Piers Morgan Will Have Howard Stern, George Clooney, and Rudy Giuliani in His First WeeksOpening with a bang.
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    Piers Morgan’s First Guest Will Be OprahNice work!
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    Piers Morgan Has Thin Twitter SkinThis is going to be great when his show debuts.
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    Steve Krakauer Joins Piers Morgan TonightThe prolific Mediaite writer will be digital producer for the new CNN show.
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    Former Today and NBC Nightly News Executive Producer Tapped to Helm Piers Morgan TonightCNN just announced that Jonathan Wald will executive produce Morgan’s program, which is set to replace ‘Larry King Live’ in January 2011.
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    Piers Morgan Has the Hubris for the Job“Losing is not really something I’ve either experienced on TV, or wish to experience.”
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    CNN Announces Piers Morgan As Host of New Prime-Time Interview ProgramApparently he got those visa issues cleared up.
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    CNN Asks Larry King to Stay Longer So Piers Morgan Can Figure Out His VisaPermanent work visas are hard to get even for celebrities.
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    Piers Morgan Allowed by CNN to Talk to NBC [Updated]This would have been much more fun if it were any kind of surprise.
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    What Do You Need to Know About Piers Morgan, Your New Larry King?Here’s a little dossier.
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    Piers Morgan Poised to Take Over for Larry KingDeal could be announced within the next few days.
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    Simon Cowell: I Helped Broker Piers Morgan CNN DealToo bad CNN says they’ve never negotiated with Morgan.
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    Looks Like Piers Morgan Is Really Going to Take Over for Larry KingA Brit! That will solve everything for CNN.
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    Spitzer Is ‘Thisclose’ to Hosting Deal With CNNCan this really be happening?