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  1. shiver me timbers
    Piracy Is BackThere are too many streaming services. Something’s gotta give.
  2. select all
    You Can Get a Star Fox 2 SNES Cartridge, But Not From NintendoA lack of legal options creates a gray market for retro products.
  3. the internet
    Megaupload Shut Down by FBI [Updated]One of the Internet’s largest file-sharing services was seized today as seven employees were indicted.
  4. awful things
    More Details Emerge About Americans Killed by Somali PiratesJean and Scott Adam of Southern California, and Phyllis Mackay and Robert Riggle of Seattle are the lost sailors.
  5. awful things
    Four American Hostages Killed by Pirates Off the Somali CoastThey were captured on Friday.
  6. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google Tries to Make It Harder to Download IllegallyBut not very hard.