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  1. pirates
    This App Will Liberate Your Streaming Video So that’s cool.
  2. fox & friends
    Fox & Friends Possibly Unaware of GoogleThey got another easily checkable thing wrong this morning.
  3. occupy wall street
    There Are Now Occupy Wall Street ‘Pirates’Arrrr-cupy.
  4. pirates
    Whale Wars Captain Paul Watson Embarks for LibyaBattling blue fin poachers in the no-fly zone.
  5. drama on the high seas
    U.S. Navy Could Fight Pirates With LasaaarrrrsLasers.
  6. drama on the high seas
    Indian Navy Captures 61 Somali PiratesAnd their “mother ship”!
  7. awful things
    More Details Emerge About Americans Killed by Somali PiratesJean and Scott Adam of Southern California, and Phyllis Mackay and Robert Riggle of Seattle are the lost sailors.
  8. awful things
    Four American Hostages Killed by Pirates Off the Somali CoastThey were captured on Friday.
  9. drama on the high seas
    Somali Pirates Capture American CoupleThe couple had been cruising the world on a yacht.
  10. oh.
    Pirates Had an Arrrrsome YearEven though nobody was paying attention to them.
  11. drama on the high seas
    Marines Recapture Ship From Pirates, Remind Us That Pirates Still ExistWhoo!
  12. drama on the high seas
    The Somali Pirate Sees the Error of His WaysAbdiwali Muse apologizes and pleads guilty.
  13. avast
    Somali Pirate ‘Appears Relaxed’ in CourtThe pirate, who has displayed a range of emotions since his arrest for the hijacking of the Maersk ‘Alabama,’ has leveled out.
  14. drama on the high seas
    Who Took the Maersk Alabama Booty?The Navy is investigating whether its own sniper team engaged in a little piracy themselves.
  15. drama on the high seas
    Somali Pirate Is Confused, Terrified, and Wants to Talk to His MomAbduwali Abdukhadir Muse, the lone survivor of the group of Somali pirates that attempted to hijack the Maersk Alabama last month, pleaded not guilty today. And he had some other things to say, too.
  16. drama on the high seas
    That Pirate Was Indicted YesterdayRemember the whole pirate thing? No? Maybe a little?
  17. drama on the high seas
    Somewhat Interesting Pirate-Attack Video Released“They hit my room, man, blew up my bed!”
  18. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  19. drama on the high seas
    Countries Pledge Pirate-Fighting MoneyBut will it be enough if Somalia doesn’t have access to better swashbuckling weapons?
  20. drama on the high seas
    How to Defend a 21st Century PirateWe talk to an expert about what’s going to happen to New York’s most smiley new buccaneer.
  21. drama on the high seas
    Nobody Knows How Old This Pirate IsWhat the hell, let’s just try him as an adult, then.
  22. drama on the high seas
    Oh No, the Pirate Is Sad!It’s like he finally realized what a rotten situation this is.
  23. drama on the high seas
    Why Is This Pirate Smiling?The teenage Somali pirate who survived his own crew’s attack on the Maersk Alabama arrived in New York last night.
  24. drama on the high seas
    New York to Put Pirate on TrialSo start preparing for the trial of the century … the nineteenth century.
  25. drama on the high seas
    Maersk Alabama Crew Returns Home!And Captain Richard Phillips is on his way.
  26. party lines
    Dratch and Kind at 24 Hour Musicals“When they’re not Johnny Depp, they’re terrifying.”
  27. pirates
    More Americans Evade PiratesBut this time, the would-be captors were using heavy artillery.
  28. drama on the high seas
    Dolphins Join Fight Against the Scourge of PiracyTremble before nature, pirates!
  29. drama on the high seas
    New Jersey Congressman Targeted by Militants in SomaliaThankfully, he was able to escape unscathed.
  30. drama on the high seas
    Everything You Need to Know About What Went Down With the Pirates YesterdayAnd there’s a lot to know.
  31. drama on the high seas
    Maersk Captain Freed, Three Somali Pirates KilledRichard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama is now back to safety.
  32. drama on the high seas
    Pirates Playing Ever More Dangerous GameAnd yet, it is getting less and less fun.
  33. drama on the high seas
    Maersk Captain Attempts Escape, Is RecapturedMeanwhile, both sides have called for reinforcements.
  34. secretary of awesome
    Psychic Hillary Correctly Predicted 3 a.m. EmergencyAnd we all laughed at her!
  35. drama on the high seas
    First Mate May Have Played a Role in Getting Somali Hijackers Off ShipAs it turns out, Sean Murphy is multitalented.
  36. pirates
    American Ship Captain Valiantly Surviving in Somali Pirate CustodyAlso, enemy and ally ships are zooming in on the area.
  37. drama on the high seas
    Somali Pirates Have Taken Captain HostageHalt the celebration. This morning’s pirate drama isn’t over yet.
  38. pirates
    Somali Pirates Hijack Ship Full of Americans (Updated!)They’ve gotten a bit too cocky, it seems.
  39. the sports section
    Pirates’ Renewed Deal With Pedro Alvarez Marks the Inwood Native’s First MLB ScoreIt looks like the Horace Mann–educated slugger has taken his smarts into the boardroom and won a better contract with the Pirates — and maybe changed baseball in the process.