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    Can a New Book on ‘Intuitionism’ Explain America’s Political Crisis?Enchanted America explores what makes certain voters believe conspiracy theories and ignore plain evidence.
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    How Chrissy Teigen’s Family Became Victims of a Horrible New Conspiracy TheoryTeigen got embroiled in an internet conspiracy theory so insane it almost makes Pizzagate look normal by comparison.
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    The Storm Is the New Pizzagate — Only WorseA new conspiracy theory called “The Storm” has taken the grimiest parts of the internet by, well, storm.
  4. A Surprising Number of Democrats Think Pizzagate Is TrueTwenty four percent of Dems think Hillary Clinton is involved in a satanic child-sex ring, according to a poll.
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    How Mike Cernovich Is Pizzagating His Latest VictimWeeks after a gunman misled by Pizzgate opened fire in Comet Ping Pong, men’s-rights star Mike Cernovich is “investigating” another “pedophile ring.”
  6. One Sandy Hook Parent’s Fight Against an ‘Emboldened’ Conspiracy Culture“My hatred for Google and YouTube and Facebook has increased 1,000 percent,” says Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner.
  7. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Pizzagate?“This is a problem that’s not going to be solved, probably, by the law,” one expert says.
  8. Michael Flynn’s Conspiracy-Loving Son Is Out of Trump TransitionFlynn Jr. has tweeted about Pizzagate and is a proud InfoWars supporter.
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    De Blasio Pizza-Fork Curse Hits Staten Island EateryGoodfellas Pizza was shut down for having mice.
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    De Blasio Refuses to Apologize for Eating Pizza With a Fork“I will continue to express my own culture in my own way.”
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    Jon Stewart Has Some Feelings About Bill de Blasio’s Pizza-Eating Style“You’re a man of the people — eat like one.”