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Plan B

  1. millenials
    Meet Saira Blair, West Virginia’s Very Conservative New 18-Year-Old LawmakerAn interview with the far-right teen.
  2. reproductive rights
    Feds Drop Appeal, Allowing Anyone to Buy the Morning-After Pill It will soon be “available on store shelves, just like condoms.”
  3. barack obama
    Obama Doubles Down on Public Support for Continued Plan B RestrictionsLefties be damned.
  4. plan b
    A Recent History of the Economy, As Told Through NYT ‘Plan B’ Trend PiecesTake a trip back through time and the pages of the paper.
  5. the pill
    New Health-Care Provision Lifts Co-Pays on ContraceptionThe new rules will even apply to the morning-after pill.
  6. health carnage
    Does Obama Have a ‘Plan B’ or Not?What Obama will do if health-care reform fails.
  7. health carnage
    Could Reconciliation End the Health-Care Impasse?The House may be onboard, but the Senate is acting all, “Well, maybe; we’re not sure.”
  8. media deathwatch
    Plan B Magazine Quits While AheadThat and the rest of today’s grim media news.