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  1. q&a
    How Shareholder Capitalism Crashed a Plane (Two, Actually)Talking with the author of Flying Blind, a new book about Boeing’s deadly 737 Max.
  2. into the wild
    Plane vs. Bird: The Dark Side of Human-Aviation RelationsThe surprising insights of an FAA manual on wildlife management.
  3. transportation
    How Yesterday’s Aeroflot Disaster Echoes the 737 Max CrashesA system malfunction highlighted a systemic vulnerability for passenger airlines.
  4. transportation
    After 2 Deadly Crashes, Is It Safe to Fly on a 737 Max?Many nations grounded the 737 Max after Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash, but the FAA says it’s safe. Should U.S. travelers relax or switch flights?
  5. the top line
    What Killed the Biggest Passenger Plane Ever Flown?And why the Airbus A380 could be revived in the future.
  6. select all
    Plane Flies 18-Hour Test Route in the Shape of a PlaneThe plane’s trip spanned from Washington to Alabama.
  7. Hillary Clinton Gets New Plane and the Chance to Travel With Her Press PoolAs both campaigns get ready for the post–Labor Day push.
  8. If You’re Terrified of Plane Crashes, This Isn’t (or Maybe Is?) the App for YouWe tried it ourselves, and died a few times.
  9. oh long island
    Long Island Pilot Makes the Same Emergency Landing Twice in 8 Days It would probably be best for everyone if he didn’t try this a third time.
  10. near misses
    Two Planes Could Have Collided Above Newark Airport, But They Didn’t Now you know.
  11. crazy things
    Major Deegan Pilot Might Be in Trouble With WifeHis wife sounds a little annoyed.
  12. scary things
    San Francisco Plane Crash Investigation Begins [Updated] As the two teenagers killed in the wreck are identified.
  13. scary things
    New York–Bound Flight Diverted After Fire Threat [Updated]The EgyptAir plane was sent to Glasgow after a BBC producer discovered a suspicious note on board.
  14. Small Plane Crashes in Long Island NeighborhoodKilling the pilot and injuring two passengers.
  15. miracle on the hudson
    Captain Sully Is an Expert on EverythingHe knows birds, planes, and trash.
  16. andrew cuomo
    Governor Cuomo: Not Just a Car Guy, Also a Plane GuyHe flies back and forth to work sometimes. Not everyone likes this.
  17. the worst form of travel
    Here’s What It Looked Like When Those Jets Bumped at JFKKind of worse than we expected?
  18. planes
    Two Planes Collide on the Runway at JFKAnd a CNN anchor was onboard!
  19. hero pilots
    Sully Insists That We Turn Off Our Cell Phones“It’s not bullshit.”
  20. love is in the air
    Virgin America Pilot Marries Gay Couple As Plane Flies Over CanadaSOMEBODY just watched ‘The Proposal’ on in-flight television!
  21. scary things
    U.S. Believes Foiled Terror Plot’s Explosives Were ‘Designed to Be Detonated in Flight’“It is my understanding that these devices did not need somebody to detonate them.”
  22. scary things
    Explosive-Laced Toner Cartridges Had ‘All the Hallmarks of Al Qaeda’“The United States is not assuming that the attacks were disrupted, and is remaining vigilant.”
  23. terrorble
    Suspicious Packages Were a ‘Credible Terrorist Threat’They had explosives in there after all.
  24. good fortune on the runway
    Captain Sully a Little Bit Jealous of the ‘New Captain Sully’?His landing was good, but not good enough to really excite Sully.
  25. joetorious
    Joe Biden’s Travel CurseNever get in any vehicle associated with Joe Biden in any way.
  26. scary things
    Lunatic Fringe Rallies Around Austin Suicide Pilot“Joe Stack, you are a true American Hero and we need more of you to make a stand.”
  27. sad things
    What Do We Know So Far About This Pilot Who Crashed a Plane Into a Building in Austin?He sounds like a tea partier, for one.
  28. failed presidential candidates
    Someone Has Made Physical Contact With Mitt RomneyBut what kind of physical contact remains a mystery.
  29. morning rush
    Single-Engine Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Jersey TurnpikeNo one was hurt.
  30. the worst form of travel
    Things You Can’t Do on an AirplaneA New York man gave people a fright this weekend.
  31. miracle on the hudson
    Who Is Going to Buy the Miracle on the Hudson Plane?We have our guesses.
  32. air travel
    Now is Really Not the Time to Try to Smoke on a PlaneWoman caught smoking on plane flying into JFK. Her ex isn’t surprised.
  33. holiday cheer
    Police Called to Control an ‘Unruly Crowd’ at JFKAirline passengers’ holiday spirit is tested by crowds, long lines.
  34. planes
    Your Holiday Travel Experience Might Be Slightly Less Harrowing … Next YearImagine, being treated like a human being despite having bought a plane ticket.
  35. weird things
    Piece of Jet Engine Falls in Long Island Family’s YardA 20-lb engine part falls off a Delta jet.
  36. small miracles
    Two Survive Twin-Engine Teterboro CrashThe police found the burned and bruised men sitting and waiting at a nearby bus stop.
  37. rough landings
    Teterboro Airport, Ground Zero for the Private-Jet BacklashAs “PJ” culture adjusts to the post-TARP world order, the iconic status of Manhattan’s most elite jetport is up for grabs.
  38. scary things
    Jenny 8. Lee Did Not Jump Out of a Plane Over the Statue of Liberty… but a number of professional skydivers did.
  39. da plane! da plane!
    Is the FAA Too Skittish About Plane Scares Now?We can handle the sight of an airplane. Thanks, though.
  40. bad ideas
    FAA Not Oblivious, Just IndifferentMemo shows the FAA knew the White House photo op would freak people out.
  41. bad ideas
    Everybody’s Furious Over the White House’s Plane DebacleDoesn’t anyone in the White House know how to use Photoshop?
  42. bad ideas
    Low-Flying Plane Causes Mild Freak-outBuildings were evacuated downtown after planes and fighter jets were seen circling the city.
  43. terrorists of the sky
    Despite FAA’s Best Efforts, Bird-Strike Data to Be Made PublicScore one for the terrain-bound forces of good.
  44. terrorists of the sky
    Plane Makes Emergency Landing at JFK After Engine FailureAnd we all know who to blame.
  45. why they hate us
    Birds Launched Multipronged Holiday AttacksThey’re getting desperate!
  46. miracle on the hudson
    Uh-Oh: US Airways Plane Had a ‘Previous Malfunction’The good feelings could only last for so long.
  47. miracle on the hudson
    Meet C.B. ‘Sully’ SullenbergerHe’s the hero who saved 155 passengers on US Airways Flight 1549 yesterday.