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  1. encounter
    Cecile Richards Is Living With Brain CancerThe former president of Planned Parenthood is still fighting for abortion access — even while living with brain cancer.
  2. politics
    So Is Abortion Legal Now in Wisconsin?Planned Parenthood is offering abortions after a favorable state-court ruling, but the matter isn’t settled yet.
  3. 2020 elections
    Loeffler Attacks WNBA for Honoring Black Lives MatterThe endangered Georgia Republican senator triangulated against the league and the team she partly owns.
  4. reproductive rights
    Abortion After the ClinicAs Republican lawmakers try to legislate it out of existence, the future of reproductive healthcare may be at home.
  5. abortion
    Can Anti-Abortion ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ Snag Federal Family-Planning Funds?One branch of the anti-abortion movement is trying to rebrand itself as pro-contraceptive, just like Republican politicians.
  6. abortion rights
    Trump’s Newest Abortion Restriction Won’t Take Effect Just YetClinics have been given a few months to comply with the onerous “domestic gag rule.”
  7. abortion
    The Abortion Wars, 10 Years After George Tiller’s AssassinationAfter demonizing late-term providers for years, the anti-abortion movement now attacks all legalized abortion, as pro-choice advocates grow bolder.
  8. mike pence
    Pence Is the Enforcer of Trump’s Compact With the Christian RightPence’s war on Planned Parenthood is just one token of his role in the administration as the chief representative of the Christian right.
  9. abortion
    New Trump Administration Rule Restricts Federal Funding for Planned ParenthoodIt will be challenged in court, but the idea is to partly accomplish Trump’s pledge to defund Planned Parenthood without congressional action.
  10. senate judiciary committee
    Republicans Finally Appoint Two Women to the Senate Judiciary CommitteeJoni Ernst and Marsha Blackburn are trusted party loyalists and hard-core anti-abortion lawmakers who can provide cover for their party’s misogyny.
  11. house democrats
    Messaging or Investigating? How Should House Democrats Use Their Limited Power?Take a lesson from the GOP, Democrats, and focus on regaining power more than arguing over how it will be used.
  12. george h.w. bush
    The Bush Family’s Struggle to Keep Up With the Conservative MovementGeorge H.W. Bush and his sons George W. and Jeb tried to stay in step with the ever-rightward drift of the conservative movement. They failed.
  13. Last Resort: How Maine Democrats Can Save Roe v. WadeBeating on Senate Democrats to oppose Brett Kavanaugh would be divisive and wouldn’t matter anyway. Giving Susan Collins a free ride in 2020 would.
  14. The Near-Extinction of Pro-Choice Republicans in CongressThe one-third of Republicans who support abortion rights will soon have no representation in the House, and just two senators on their side.
  15. Trump Wants to Pull Federal Funds From Organizations That Talk About AbortionThe new rule would ban facilities receiving Title X family-planning funds for low-income women to provide or even discuss abortion services.
  16. December Disaster Looms As Spending, Debt, and Tax Controversies Pile UpThe legislative train wreck temporarily avoided when Donald Trump cut a deal with Democrats in September is back for real.
  17. New GOP Obamacare ‘Fix’ Alternative Is Really Just a Poison PillThe GOP has drafted a bill that won’t get any Democratic support.
  18. 7 Big Questions About What Congress Will Do in SeptemberThe big storm in Texas and Louisiana has improved the visibility in Washington — but there’s still a lot to do and little time to do it.
  19. GOP Struggles to Secure a ‘Clean’ Debt-Limit IncreaseIn theory everybody in Congress favors a straightforward debt-limit increase. But side deals and other complications loom large.
  20. Keeping the ‘Skinny Repeal’ Bill From Getting Fat Won’t Be Easy for GOPThe point of “skinny repeal” of Obamacare is to enact a bare-bones bill to shape in committee. Bulking up could be fatal.
  21. Senate Parliamentarian May Have Dealt Last, No-Kidding-Final Blow to TrumpcareBy excluding from Trumpcare indispensable features, the Senate parliamentarian has probably killed the bill unless McConnell nukes her rulings.
  22. Trumpcare’s ‘Orphans’ Must Search for New HomesSeveral provisions conservatives hitched to Obamacare repeal will need new legislative vehicles now that Trumpcare has crashed.
  23. Right-to-Life Lobby Has Trumpcare Demands — and Isn’t in Mood for CompromiseIf Mitch McConnell wants to pass a health-care bill, he must absolutely placate the anti-abortion movement.
  24. When Will We Know Zombie Trumpcare Is Finally Dead?There are at least five scenarios which will mean the unquiet House legislation has given way to something — or nothing — else.
  25. Trump’s Choice: Openly Sabotaging Obamacare or Letting Government Shut DownHe can stop insurer subsidies and create a health-care crisis, or risk a clash with House conservatives.
  26. Another Government Shutdown Crisis Seems to Be ApproachingBefore GOP can “move on” to tax reform, it must deal with the real risk of an internal revolt against the current budget.
  27. What’s Next for the GOP on Health Care? Apparently Nothing at AllThe collapse of Trumpcare could be the GOP version of Clintoncare: something none of them will hurry to repeat.
  28. GOP’s Planned Parenthood Fight Could Result in a Government ShutdownIf no longer nestled in a giant health-care bill, the defunding of the women’s health organization could spark an appropriations fight.
  29. Death of Trumpcare Would Leave Some Hungry Legislative OrphansAHCA was more than an Obamacare repealer. It also included provisions on taxes, Planned Parenthood, and Medicaid that GOP will still need to pursue.
  30. The Planned Parenthood Fight Republicans Don’t Need But Can’t AvoidIt may only cost them a vote or two in the Senate, but combined with other problems, Planned Parenthood defunding could be fatal to Trumpcare.
  31. Defunding Planned Parenthood As Big a Deal to Right As Repealing ObamacareIt is often assumed that defunding Planned Parenthood is a distraction to the effort to repeal ACA. For some conservatives, it’s the other way around.
  32. Ryan Confirms the ‘Obamacare Repeal’ Bill Will Also Defund Planned ParenthoodWith congressional GOPers now broadening the scope of the budget bill that repeals Obamacare, Democrats can begin efforts to protect popular programs.
  33. Clinton Really Shouldn’t Have Told Voters That Trump Wasn’t a Regular RepublicanNew analyses suggest that many pro-choice and economically liberal Democrats voted for Trump because they didn’t think he was a normal Republican.
  34. Planned Parenthood Challenging Texas-Style LawsExpect a new wave of litigation after the Supreme Court’s decision on Texas’s abortion law.
  35. Moderate Republican John Kasich Defunds Planned ParenthoodEvery liberal’s favorite Republican candidate isn’t so moderate on issues of women’s health care.
  36. Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Over Secretly Filmed VideosThe women’s-health organization goes after the Center for Medical Progress.
  37. Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary, Making First Endorsement in Its 100 yearsAs Republicans continue trying to defund it.
  38. What We Know About the Planned Parenthood ShootingLaw-enforcement sources have now indicated the attack was politically motivated, though the shooter’s mental health remains in question.
  39. shots fired
    As Louisiana Is Forced to Fund Planned Parenthood, Texas Decides to StopMore shots fired at the organization due to “heavily edited” videos.
  40. the grandiose gift
    Author Lemony Snicket Will Give $1 Million to Planned ParenthoodA colossal contribution.
  41. early and often
    No State Has Found Proof of Fetal-Tissue SalesThe undercover videos sparked a number of state investigations.
  42. oh congress!
    GOP Leaders Hatch Plan to Avert ShutdownThey want to send a defunding measure to President Obama, which he’ll promptly veto.
  43. oh congress!
    Congress Hurtles Toward Another Government ShutdownJohn Boehner doesn’t want a showdown over Planned Parenthood funding, but he’s yet to find a way out.
  44. Planned Parenthood Clinic Targeted With ArsonA large anti-abortion protest had been held at the Washington State location less than a month ago.
  45. 8 Things Besides Planned Parenthood That Are ‘Worse Than ISIS’According to one state representative, Planned Parenthood is worse than a terrorist group. 
  46. susan g. komen foundation
    Komen Foundation President ResignsKomen is “pro-cure,” said Nancy Brinker.
  47. women’s health
    Arizona Bans State Funding to Planned Parenthood Through legislation called the Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priority Act.
  48. Conservative Activists Go Undercover at Unions, Liberal OrganizationsIntrigue!
  49. planned parenthood
    Planned Parenthood Bombed in Wisconsin [Updated]A homemade device was placed outside a clinic in Grand Chute. 
  50. girl scout cookies
    Indiana Lawmaker Refuses to Honor Girl ScoutsBeware of Girl Scouts.
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