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Planned Parenthood

  1. lady business
    Komen Takes It Back, Will Keep Funding Planned ParenthoodPsych! Faked us out, huh?
  2. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Personally Giving $250,000 to Planned ParenthoodHe’s not a fan of the Komen decision.
  3. lady business
    People Are Really Mad at the Komen Foundation [Updated]Even people within the Komen foundation.
  4. lady business
    Susan G. Komen Foundation Is Cutting Off Aid to Planned ParenthoodUh-oh.
  5. planned parenthood
    The Texas State Legislature Has Voted to Defund Planned ParenthoodRick Perry is expected to sign the bill into law.
  6. early and awkward
    Now the Only Evidence That Jon Kyl Lied About Planned Parenthood Will Be the Entire InternetPhew.
  7. how tweet it is
    Stephen Colbert Is Making Lots of Non-Factual Statements About Jon KylIf you like hilarious Twitter memes, you’ll love this hilarious Twitter meme.
  8. planned parenthood
    Stephen Colbert Cracks Himself Up Over Walgreens’ Health Services“I swallowed a disposable camera and a bag boy punched me in the gut to make the shutter go off!”
  9. what can brown do for you?
    Senator Scott Brown, Ladies’ ManThe Massachusetts Republican supports Planned Parenthood.
  10. shmashmortion
    They Took Down That Offensive Anti-Abortion Billboard in SohoHooray!
  11. shmashmortion
    To Celebrate Black History Month, Anti-Abortion Group Buys Offensive Billboard in Soho“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”
  12. shmashmortion
    Kristen Schaal Makes an Excellent Planned Parenthood Argument on The Daily ShowThe House’s proposal to defund Planned Parenthood doesn’t go far enough.
  13. early and awesome
    To Defend Planned Parenthood, Congresswoman Talks About Her Own AbortionCalifornia’s Jackie Speier kicks ass on the floor of the House.
  14. shmashmortion
    Say Good-bye to Reproductive Health Care, LadiesA new bill plans on cutting all federal funding of family-planning services.
  15. gossipmonger
    Governor Paterson Is Working His Tuchus Off in DenverCindy Adams reports that the lovable gov has been hauling butt around the Democratic National Convention. Plus, gossip about Chace Crawford (of course), Naomi Campbell, and Janice Dickinson.
  16. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: What We Wouldn’t Do to Get on the Convention FloorWe wondered what exactly we might have to do to get the most coveted floor pass. He laughed and said, “It certainly won’t be dancing.”
  17. the morning line
    Mike ‘10! • Mayor Bloomberg says he may run for governor in 2010. The reasoning: He is allegedly angry at Spitzer for trying to “run the city,” so he may as well wrest the state from him. Does this mean people will finally stop bugging Mike to run for president in ‘08? [NYP] • We told you the Giuliani campaign is going to be filled with moments like this, and, boy, does the man deliver: Just as Rudy got comfortable saying he “hates abortion” on the trail, out pop his donations to Planned Parenthood — six of them, all made while he was mayor. [amNY] • The Daily News drops an interesting statistic: There are 250,820 fugitives currently on the lam in the state of New York. Of course, almost a quarter of them are “various drug offenders,” which calls into question our drug laws rather than their lackadaisical enforcement. [NYDN] • In a wire item none of our local papers deemed fit to print, the AP reports a faulty pipe that has spewed millions of gallons of sewage into the Hudson is finally fixed. We knew our Hudson River Raw Tea tasted a little off this past weekend. [WHDH] • And Christopher Hitchens’s evening at the Public Library last night, in support of his atheist screed God Is Not Great, was originally billed as a debate with You, the audience (how Web 2.0!). Then how did he end up debating the Reverend Al Sharpton — and, God, why? [Empire Zone/NYT]