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  1. past is prologue
    When Political Conventions Were Must-See TVConventions began evolving from news to infomercial long before this year’s virtual events — but we’ll still miss out on some fun, unexpected moments.
  2. data
    Senators Introduce a Bipartisan Social Media Bill, Which Is Actually Very GoodI’m as surprised as you are.
  3. facebook
    The Zuck’s SpeechThe Facebook CEO’s speech defending his right to not do anything and take no responsibility misses the point.
  4. platforms
    Andrew Marantz on How the Far Right Took Over the InternetThe author of Antisocial explains how opportunists and bigots took over social media platforms, and what happened after.
  5. platforms
    YouTubers Don’t Need Your SympathyYouTube’s “content creators” want to be seen as scrappy upstarts hampered by the man, even if the reality is a little more complicated.
  6. the zucc
    Facebook’s Dating Service Is, Unfortunately, Made by FacebookThe social-media company insists its new dating service is separate from existing Facebook, but instead, it is built atop it.
  7. platforms
    Jordan Peterson’s Online Platform Will Shadowban Unpopular OpinionsThe right-wing figure is launching Thinkspot (lol good name).
  8. life in pixels
    Force Majeure Going Viral on Twitter Can Save CinemaOne Weird Trick for getting audiences to watch foreign and art house films.
  9. moderation
    YouTube Has Only One RuleYouTube is “reexamining” its harassment policy. Can that solve the platform’s problems?
  10. #hashtag
    Jack Dorsey Meets With His Frenemy, Donald TrumpThe pair met to discuss the health of the platform and conversation or whatever.
  11. the future
    Here Is Precisely What’s Gonna Happen in Tech in 2019What’s in store for us this year? Just all of the things on this very real list.
  12. life in pixels
    Why YouTube’s Biggest Star Can’t Be CanceledYouTube megastar PewDiePie keeps accidentally sharing anti-Semitic jokes — and keeps getting more popular. Why?
  13. life in pixels
    Brett Favre Is a Social NetworkIt sounds nuts to say that anti-Semites took advantage of Brett Favre to spread racist memes. But that’s because you think of Favre as a quarterback.
  14. select all
    Trump Calls Google Results ‘RIGGED’Another supposed case of tech bias.
  15. select all
    Charlottesville Gives Tech Companies an Opportunity to Finally Take a StandIt’s no longer about equal access to an open dialogue.
  16. select all
    Snapchat’s IPO Shows How Expensive It Is to Compete in Silicon ValleySilicon Valley is supposed to be the land of disruptors. But it’s not easy to compete with established giants.
  17. Things Are Getting Wild at the GOP’s Platform MeetingsGay conversion therapy? Porn regulations? Both are on the table.
  18. if you can get away with it you should get away with it
    Clamoring Public Is Forcing Donald Trump to ‘Really Think’ About Running for President“Would I rather not do it? I would rather not do it. But I am really thinking about it, first time in my life.”