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  1. grookey
    We’re Closer Than Ever to Having a Pokémon With a GunThe nonexistent Pokémon Gun follows an internet tradition of giving the stanned firearms.
  2. This Guy Traveled the World in Search of Every Single PokémonMeet the real-life Ash Ketchum.
  3. This Website Allows You to See Exactly Where Pokémon Are SpawningWhy not hack it.
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    Every Pokémon Has a Story. ‘Pokémon of New York’ Tells Each One.Like “Humans of New York,” but even more moving.
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    All 151 Pokémon in Pokémon Go, RankedGoddamn Rattata.
  6. CBS Spent $45.95 on These Amateur Pokémon ModelsThe creepy amateur models are making viewers uncomfortable.
  7. There Are Some Very Unsettling Things Happening on Pokémon Go So FarIncluding robberies, dead bodies, and the loss of jobs.
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    These Are Your 3 New Pokémon Starters, Reviewed by Two ExpertsIt’s not just lit — it’s Litten.
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    10 Times Pokémon Designers Threw Their Hands Up and Said ‘Screw It’The cream of the crop.
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    I Love the Terrible PokémonThe trash Pokémon are the best ones.
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    People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Game Where Pikachu TalksHow does it speak?
  12. This Picture of Pikachu Got Me Fricked UpUuuuuhhhhh????
  13. wtf
    Boston Police Arrest Two Men After Pokémon Championship ThreatThey were arrested on firearm-related charges after suggesting they would “kill the competition” at the Pokémon World Championship.
  14. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain Mourns Donna Summer“The Power of One.”
  15. no he cain’t
    The Mystery of Herman Cain and the Donna Summer LyricsWhy does Cain keep quoting her? And does he even know that he’s doing it?