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  1. just asking questions
    Lessons From Lincoln on Solving Today’s Bitterest ConflictsA talk with author John Avlon on how the 16th president’s strategy for post-war peace can still guide America through crisis, at home and abroad.
  2. polarization
    We Are Two Nations, DivisibleWhile Americans claim to want bipartisanship, our differences are clearly real and deep-seated. Embracing this is far healthier than denying it.
  3. democratic party
    Democrats Have a Problem. ‘Workers, Wages, Weed’ May Be the Answer.The party needs a clear national brand with strong appeal to non-college-educated voters.
  4. vision 2020
    How Trump Failed to Make This a ‘Choice’ ElectionCOVID-19 and Joe Biden’s nomination screwed up Trump’s original campaign strategy, and he never adjusted.
  5. impeachment
    Americans Far More Polarized on Impeachment Than in the PastDon’t count on rank-and-file Republicans to abandon Trump the way many abandoned Nixon.
  6. democracy
    America’s Political System Is Rigged Against Liberals (and Always Has Been)The left’s underrepresentation in U.S. politics isn’t new, and ending gerrymandering won’t fix it. But the liberalization of suburbia might.
  7. vision 2020
    Democrats Don’t Have to Choose a Path to Victory Until the Fall of 2020The idea that Democrats must decide right now which states to prioritize in 2020 misses the lesson of 2016 that tactical flexibility is essential.
  8. white house
    Trump Could Use Chief of Staff Appointment to Declare Total War on His EnemiesA top staffer like Mark Meadows would be confirmation that Trump’s strategy to defend against political and legal threats is maximum polarization.
  9. politics
    Tribalism Isn’t Our Democracy’s Problem. The Conservative Movement Is.Partisan polarization has made it easier for lawmakers to disregard the popular will; but it is reactionary elites who demand such disregard.
  10. the kavanaugh hearings
    Senate Cuts Off Debate on Kavanaugh, Making His Confirmation All But CertainIn the end, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Joe Manchin are giving Kavanaugh the votes he needed.
  11. Study: You Can Get Whites to Oppose Welfare With This One Weird TrickA new study finds that white Americans are way more likely to support cuts to aid for the poor once you put them in a racist mood.
  12. Scott Walker Abandons Fight Against Special ElectionsThe hyper-partisan governor of hyper-polarized Wisconsin loses a round to the courts.
  13. Tammy Baldwin’s Tough Reelection Fight in Hyperpolarized WisconsinAn awful lot’s going on politically in Wisconsin this year, and Senator Tammy Baldwin’s right in the middle of it.
  14. donald trump
    Joe Manchin Is Right: Washington SucksAs Washington descends into tribal warfare over the president’s struggle against independent investigation, Congress is becoming a bad joke.
  15. Half of Republicans Think Trump’s a GeniusAnd over half of Democrats think Trump’s mentally unstable. We’re not all just going to get along.
  16. Roy Moore’s Candidacy Was in Trouble Even Before the Sexual-Abuse AllegationsJoe Trippi argues that abuse allegations against Roy Moore changed the focus of the race from the judge’s crazy record to the hated national media.
  17. The Blue Dog That Didn’t Bark: House Dems Hang Tough on Tax BillDuring the last big tax-cut debate in 2001, plenty of Democrats defected to the GOP on crucial votes. It’s not happening this year, so far.
  18. Voters, Not Just Politicians, Are Polarized by Party and IdeologyWhile some observers think of polarization as a Washington phenomenon that doesn’t reflect the citizenry, fresh evidence shows otherwise.
  19. Republicans Love the Same Attack on Syria They Hated When Obama Considered ItIn a rare set of nearly identical circumstances, GOP voters have veered from massive opposition to strikes on Syria held during Obama’s presidency.
  20. Racially Polarized Voting Is Getting Extreme in the SouthIn just the last decade, Southern white voters have trended Republican in a profound way that makes racial gerrymandering easier.
  21. Hillary Clinton Won the First Debate. What If That Doesn’t Move the Polls?It would indicate that American voters are so polarized that the race will come down to one key factor.
  22. Why Going Negative and Staying There Is the Best Strategy in This ElectionWonder why politicians “go negative” so often in partisan contests? Part of the reason is that independents who “lean” toward one party are mostly motivated by hatred of the other one. 
  23. Should Hillary Clinton Try to Woo the Support of ‘Responsible Republicans’?It might make more sense for her to hunt where the actual ducks live — among Sanders backers.
  24. Local Media Collapse Is Making Congress WorseAnother is spending a fortune on paid ads.
  25. Supreme Court Opening Creates ‘Battle of a Different Order’Ideological and partisan polarization plus availability of the filibuster could mean an epic Court fight that could go on well past the elections. 
  26. early and often
    Liberal Policies Win; Liberal Candidates LoseThe vast majority of Americans hold muddled political opinions.