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Police Misconduct

  1. power
    ‘We Don’t Know How Many Women Are Out There Like That’Anna Borkowski accused three men of rape. Why did prosecutors stop her?
  2. forgotten new york
    The Forgotten City Hall RiotIn 1992, thousands of drunken cops raged against the mayor of New York — leaving an indelible mark on the city’s likely next mayor.
  3. politics
    Justice Department Launches Probe of Minneapolis Police PracticesMerrick Garland announced a probe into whether the department has engaged in a pattern of “unlawful policing” a day after the Derek Chauvin verdict.
  4. the system
    The Law Is Not Made for Breonna TaylorAnd its capacity to deliver justice is functionally null.
  5. george floyd protests
    Chicago Police Caught Sleeping in U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush’s Office During ProtestsThirteen police officers, including three supervisors, slept and ate in Bobby Rush’s office for up to four hours as property damage occurred nearby.
  6. policing
    LAPD Is Falsely Labeling People As Gang Members. It’s Part of a Bigger Crisis.LAPD officers’ falsely labeling people as gang members reveals a bigger problem: It doesn’t take much to get yourself added to a gang database.
  7. sandra bland
    Why Are So Many ‘Bad Apple’ Police Officers Bad in the Same Way?The new Sandra Bland footage casts light on the debate over whether police misconduct is an isolated or systemic problem.
  8. police misconduct
    FBI Chief Links Crime Wave to Police ScrutinyHe becomes the highest-profile law enforcement official to push the connection, though no data supports the theory.
  9. Chicago Cops Staged a Photograph Where a Black Man Was Posed As a Hunted AnimalOne cop is already in jail and the other was fired over the image. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says “good riddance.”