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Politics 2012

  1. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Michele Bachmann Flees Liberal Arts StudentsThey just wanted to learn more about her views.
  2. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Michele Bachmann Floats Another Dubious TheoryAfter all, it’s been weeks since the HPV thing.
  3. rick rolling
    Charlie Rangel Crashed Rick Perry’s Lunch Party“I wanted to make him feel comfortable.”
  4. bachmann ambition overdrive
    ‘Not scripted.’“This is the nail in the coffin in her campaign.”
  5. jobs jobs jobs
    Obama’s Jobs Speech Prompted Some Reactions From RepublicansMostly negative ones.
  6. video
    John Heilemann on Charlie Rose: What Is the Republican Party Today?“The truth is, none of us know the answer.”
  7. video
    Tim Pawlenty: More Fun When He’s Not Running for PresidentThe Vanilla Thrilla showed some spark on ‘Colbert’ last night.
  8. rudy
    Rudy Giuliani Will Run for President If Things Get ‘Desperate’He says that’s how he got elected mayor.
  9. michele bachmann
    Michele Bachmann is Losing StaffersBoth her campaign manager and his deputy are out.
  10. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Fails to Charm Tea PartiersMaybe he’s just not weird enough for them?
  11. rick rolling
    Politico: ‘Perry Panic’ Is Spreading“We better load up, because he is bringing it.”
  12. funny because it’s true
    Colbert’s Super PAC Is Actually Pretty Serious“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, like a specific campaign or the electoral system.”
  13. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Assures Crowd That His Wife Can Iron a ShirtPhew.