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    Biden Has All But Caught Up With Trump in PollsThere are many variables at play, including RFK Jr. and whose voters turn out.
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    Trump vs. Biden Polls: Will Old Folks Save Joe?There are signs Biden is holding on to a significant percentage of the senior vote against Trump, which may offset his problems with younger voters.
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    Trump vs. Biden Polls: Joe Has Finally Stopped the BleedingPresident Biden didn’t really have a post-SOTU polling “bounce.” But he’s stopped losing ground to Trump and is even making some modest gains.
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    What the Polls Say Today: RFK Jr. Now Hurting Biden, Helping TrumpInitially the vaccine skeptic and conspiracy theorist seemed to be drawing more votes from Trump, but that’s changed — and it could change again.
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    Trump vs. Biden Polls: No State of the Union Bounce for JoeThe president’s big SOTU speech might ultimately represent a turning point for his reelection bid. But the numbers don’t show it happening just yet.
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    California Senate Polls: Schiff Helps Garvey Edge Out Fellow DemocratsAdam Schiff spent millions to ensure a long-shot GOP candidate will be his general-election rival. Polls of the March 5 primary show it’s working.
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    Biden vs. Trump Polls: Joe’s Battleground ProblemBeating Trump in the popular vote may not be enough for Biden to win the Electoral College.
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    Biden vs. Trump Polls: 2024 Race Is a Dead Heat, Despite Democrat PanicAll the talk about Biden’s age changing everything hasn’t caused much of a shift in 2024 election polling.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Does Haley Have a Shot in South Carolina?Trump appears to be romping toward victory in Haley’s home state and beyond.
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    What the Polls Say Today: There’s No Hope for Nikki HaleyTrump’s only remaining GOP rival isn’t polling well in this month’s South Carolina primary, and the road gets even rockier from there.
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    A 5-Way Presidential Race May Help Trump Beat BidenIt’s unclear where candidates like Jill Stein, RFK Jr., and Cornel West will qualify for the ballot. But it looks like the more the merrier for MAGA.
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    4 Reasons Biden’s 2024 Odds May Be Better Than You ThinkThe president is quite unpopular, but an improving economy and a potentially criminal opponent may swing the election in Democrats’ favor.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Trump Poised to Win New Hampshire HandilyNikki Haley has come far, but her lack of support among base Republicans makes a New Hampshire primary upset very unlikely.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Trump’s Lead in the GOP Race Is SoaringPolls of Super Tuesday states suggest New Hampshire is Nikki Haley’s one chance to upset Donald Trump in the GOP contest.
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    Iowa Caucus Polls Pretty Much Nailed ItThe 2024 Iowa caucuses presented lots of obstacles for pollsters, from weather to Trump supporters’ evasiveness. They were still pretty accurate.
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    What the Iowa Polls Say Today: Trump Romps While DeSantis SinksRecent surveys agree that Trump will win by a record margin as DeSantis and Haley fight for second place.
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    What the Polls Said This Year: Trump’s Up, Americans Are DownHere’s how primary and general-election polls have evolved over 2023, and what they tell us about where the race is headed.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Trump Is Trouncing DeSantis and Haley in IowaThe winnowing of the GOP field has only added to Trump’s strength, according to a new gold-standard Iowa poll by Ann Selzer.
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    The 2024 Polls Agree: Trump Has a Significant Lead Over BidenMuch could change in the next year, but right now Trump is ahead of Biden nationally and in most battleground states.
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    Trump Leads Biden in Latest Battleground State PollsThe 2024 general election is far away. But it’s not too early to pay attention to the places where the next presidency will actually be determined.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Trump’s Rivals Need a New Strategy, FastAfter a string of supposedly fatal campaign missteps, Trump’s polling stronger than ever. His rivals need to realize he’s not going to self-destruct.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Trump Still Riding High in IowaA long-awaited Iowa poll from Ann Selzer shows Trump maintaining a strong lead in the state that will vote first. DeSantis is down but not out.
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    There’s Zero Evidence Trump’s Biggest Indictment Is Affecting the GOP RaceSo far, Trump being charged with multiple felonies for trying to steal an election isn’t hurting his bid for the 2024 nomination at all.
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    NYT Poll Shows Trump Has a Very Decent Shot of Winning in 2024Right now, it’s a tight rematch between two unpopular candidates.
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    A Major New Poll Shows How Badly Anti-Trump Republicans Are DoingA highly representative survey with tons of data shows how strong the 45th president’s grip remains.
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    Polls Show DeSantis Really Does Need a RebootDeSantis still trails Trump a lot nationally, and now he’s showing some potentially fatal weaknesses in the early states as rivals creep up on him.
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    Two Indictments Later, Trump Is Still the Republican Front-runnerPolls show that despite his worsening legal trouble and increasingly extreme rhetoric, the 45th president isn’t losing any ground in the 2024 race.
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    Trump Builds Huge Lead in Polls As DeSantis Revs EnginesDeSantis needs to announce and build a comeback narrative, as Trump is starting to run him off the track.
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    Democrats Shouldn’t Freak Out Over One Really Bad Poll for BidenEven good pollsters produce outliers now and then. The ABC-Washington Post poll showing Biden crashing and burning is probably one of them.
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    Trump’s Lead Over DeSantis Is Still GrowingMultiple polls show Trump steadily increasing his lead over the Florida governor. The rest of the 2024 GOP primary field is far behind.
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    What the Polls Say Today: DeSantis Showing Weakness Against TrumpMaybe his “midterm bounce” is wearing off, or maybe he’s being too passive against attacks. But the the Florida locomotive is slowing down.
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    Biden Starts 2024 Race With 73-Point Lead Over Primary OpponentMaybe Marianne Williamson isn’t a “serious” challenger, but if no other Democrat runs, her standing is a testament to Biden’s strength.
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    2024 Polls Show DeSantis Can’t Easily Knock Out TrumpDespite the hype about Ron DeSantis surging past Donald Trump, both Republicans look unusually strong at this early stage of the presidential race.
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    Biden Is Trump (When It Comes to Popularity)Biden hopes tonight’s State of the Union address will sway voters, but there’s growing evidence that opinions of any president are hard to move.
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    Trump’s Lead in 2024 Polls May Be Thinner Than We ThoughtThe ex-president looks weaker against Ron DeSantis and other likely Republican rivals in the polls that were most reliable last year.
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    Biden’s Job-Approval Rating Is Getting Close to PositiveThe president’s net approval numbers improved steadily since midsummer. With another jolt of popularity, he could be in good position for reelection.
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    What the Polls Say Today: DeSantis’s Electability Is a Problem for TrumpPolls showing Republican unhappiness with Trump or interest in DeSantis may matter less than signs one is much stronger than the other against Biden.
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    What the Polls Say Today: It’s Warnock’s Race to LoseEven polls that showed Herschel Walker leading in November now show Raphael Warnock slightly ahead.
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    The Final 2022 Midterms Polling ForecastAs Election Day arrives, polls show a lot of close races. While there’s talk of a Republican wave, there’s also potential for big Democratic wins.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Election Deniers Won’t Run the 2024 ElectionIn key 2024 battleground states, MAGA candidates’ hopes of taking over the election machinery are not looking great.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Doug Mastriano’s Hopes FadeAs we approach the finish line for the midterms, some races seem resolved, like the Pennsylvania governor’s race. But an awful lot are still in play.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Adam Laxalt (Might) Have the LeadIn one of the country’s hottest races, two polls have the Republican up significantly — but a third shows Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto holding on.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Outliers Show Tudor Dixon and Lee Zeldin SurgingWhile some pollsters see big upsets in Michigan and New York, all is quiet in once-tense Colorado and Missouri.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Red Alert for Patty Murray?The Washington Democrat could be in trouble, but there’s relatively good news for her party in other Senate races.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Maybe Warnock Really Is Going ‘Downhill’ in GeorgiaPerhaps what Chuck Schumer told Joe Biden about Georgia is right, but Governor Kathy Hochul is doing a bit better.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Is Kari Lake Building a Huge Lead?In Arizona, the latest midterms polling has Lake ahead by double digits. Meanwhile, deep-blue Oregon could elect a Republican governor, too.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Sunny Skies for Florida RepublicansThe latest midterms surveys show key races from Georgia to Wisconsin remain close, but Florida incumbents Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis are cruising.
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    Trump’s Terrible Senate Candidates Could Still WinGOP Senate nominees like Mehmet Oz, Blake Masters, and Herschel Walker looked vulnerable in the summer, but polls show their races tightening.
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    Democrats Aren’t Laughing at Dr. Oz Anymore As Pennsylvania Race TightensRecent polls show the Pennsylvania Senate race between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz — a must-win for both parties — is a toss-up.
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    Why Are Pollsters Disagreeing About the 2022 Midterms?If one influential Republican-leaning pollster is right, Patty Murray and Josh Shapiro should be worried. Others scoff at the idea.
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