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    What the Polls Say Today: It’s Warnock’s Race to LoseEven polls that showed Herschel Walker leading in November now show Raphael Warnock slightly ahead.
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    The Final 2022 Midterms Polling ForecastAs Election Day arrives, polls show a lot of close races. While there’s talk of a Republican wave, there’s also potential for big Democratic wins.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Election Deniers Won’t Run the 2024 ElectionIn key 2024 battleground states, MAGA candidates’ hopes of taking over the election machinery are not looking great.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Doug Mastriano’s Hopes FadeAs we approach the finish line for the midterms, some races seem resolved, like the Pennsylvania governor’s race. But an awful lot are still in play.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Adam Laxalt (Might) Have the LeadIn one of the country’s hottest races, two polls have the Republican up significantly — but a third shows Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto holding on.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Outliers Show Tudor Dixon and Lee Zeldin SurgingWhile some pollsters see big upsets in Michigan and New York, all is quiet in once-tense Colorado and Missouri.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Red Alert for Patty Murray?The Washington Democrat could be in trouble, but there’s relatively good news for her party in other Senate races.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Maybe Warnock Really Is Going ‘Downhill’ in GeorgiaPerhaps what Chuck Schumer told Joe Biden about Georgia is right, but Governor Kathy Hochul is doing a bit better.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Is Kari Lake Building a Huge Lead?In Arizona, the latest midterms polling has Lake ahead by double digits. Meanwhile, deep-blue Oregon could elect a Republican governor, too.
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    What the Polls Say Today: Sunny Skies for Florida RepublicansThe latest midterms surveys show key races from Georgia to Wisconsin remain close, but Florida incumbents Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis are cruising.
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    Trump’s Terrible Senate Candidates Could Still WinGOP Senate nominees like Mehmet Oz, Blake Masters, and Herschel Walker looked vulnerable in the summer, but polls show their races tightening.
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    Democrats Aren’t Laughing at Dr. Oz Anymore As Pennsylvania Race TightensRecent polls show the Pennsylvania Senate race between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz — a must-win for both parties — is a toss-up.
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    Why Are Pollsters Disagreeing About the 2022 Midterms?If one influential Republican-leaning pollster is right, Patty Murray and Josh Shapiro should be worried. Others scoff at the idea.
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    Should We Stop Paying Attention to Election Polls?Polls are like democracy: bad except as compared to all the alternatives.
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    There’s an Outlier Poll for Whatever You Want to Hear Right NowPolling averages in presidential and Senate races are fairly stable, but you can cherry-pick surveys going in all sorts of directions.
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    COVID Resurgence May Keep Trump From Closing the Gap With BidenAs Trump urges voters to stop dwelling on his handling of the pandemic, COVID-19 is making an attention-grabbing comeback, especially in the Midwest.
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    Where Trump and the GOP Need Immediate Gains to Win on Election DayIt’s getting late in the day for a Republican surge, and the trouble for Trump and his party is that they trail over a large landscape.
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    The Three States With Both Close Presidential and Senate RacesIn Georgia, North Carolina, and Iowa, Biden and Trump are virtually tied, and so too are Senate candidates.
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    Two Republicans Could Blow Up Democrats’ Shot at the SenateHow the GOP may just pull off flipping seats in states as different as Alabama and Michigan.
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    Biden Takes Double-Digit Polling Lead As Clock Ticks for TrumpIn the presidential races as in the Senate, Democrats don’t have a lock on victory but have many paths to get there.
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    It’s Harder Than it Looks for Democrats to Win the SenateRecent polls show many newly competitive Democratic Senate candidates, but they could still fall short of a majority even if Biden wins.
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    Is the Bottom Beginning to Drop Out of the Trump Campaign?Some particularly bad polls for the incumbent have come out after his first debate with Biden and COVID-19 diagnosis.
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    Trump’s Post-Access Hollywood Comeback Will Be Hard to RepeatAt this point in the 2016 cycle, Trump’s campaign looked dead — then he bounced back. But he went into his COVID crisis with weaker poll numbers.
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    So How Do the Polls Look After That Hellscape of a Debate?Trump certainly isn’t getting a bump from his performance, and he’s getting some not-great news from key-state polls.
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    Trump Needs Debates to Move the PollsThe president is still in range in battleground states if he can get a decent national swing, but he’s running out of time and Biden’s lead is steady.
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    New State Polls Show Biden Landslide and Narrow Trump Win Are Both PossibleBiden’s national lead is steady, but a shift of a few points in either direction could produce a big shift in Electoral votes.
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    New, Highly Credible Polls Offer Bad News For TrumpTrump is not doing well in states he really needs to win (like Arizona), and his troubles are dragging down Republican Senate candidates.
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    50 Days Out, Biden Doing Better in Polls Than Clinton, Obama, or KerryThe only candidate to overcome as big a disadvantage as Trump faces now is Obama in 2008, and all hell broke loose that fall.
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    Spitzer Still Leading Comptroller’s Race, Just Not as MuchThe margin of error is out to get him in a post-Weiner poll.
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    Mitt Romney Has a Point on Michele BachmannHighlights from a very early Iowa poll.