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    Today at the Polls: Tears of Joy, Laughter, Frustration, and Crazy Ladies in Velour CatsuitsAs you might expect when upwards of 8 million people all engage with bureaucracy at the same time, voting in New York today has been fraught with problems.
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    Anna Wintour, Rest of City Turn Out to VoteMore updates on crowded poll stations, malfunctioning machinery, and happy networking out on the streets today.
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    Some Polling Places Have Lines and Malfunctions, Some Have Bake Sales!Bet you wish you lived in Park Slope, huh?
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    Williamsburg Voters, Stuck in Lines, Force Selves to Read That China Pharmaceuticals StoryAt the Francis of Paola Church in Williamsburg, reading material includes the ‘Times Magazine.’
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    Voter Turnout Anecdotally Huge in the CityAll day we’ll be sending you updates on the scene at the city’s polling places. Here’s our first peek.