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  1. environmental protection agency
    Trump Admin Makes It Easier for Coal Companies to Pollute in America AgainThe EPA, led by a former coal lobbyist, has rolled back rules for how coal companies discard of wastewater with pollutants including lead and arsenic.
  2. environment
    The NAACP Confronts Its Sordid Relationship With Big PollutersThe storied civil-rights organization is trying to find its way again. But it has some obstacles of its own making.
  3. pollution
    Air Pollution Increases Under Trump, Despite His Claim of World’s ‘Cleanest Air’EPA data shows that fine-particulate pollution rose 5.5 percent from 2016 to 2018, resulting in the premature deaths of 10,000 Americans.
  4. life after warming
    Can a Carbon Tax Solve Climate Change? Well, No.A carbon tax is not a panacea for climate change, but it’s a good first step.
  5. life after warming
    Trump’s Climate Denial Isn’t Just a War on Our Coasts. It’s a War on Our Brains.The damage small-particulate pollution does will be more severe on a warmer planet. The EPA has closed the office dedicated to studying it.
  6. environment
    On the Upper West Side, a One-Man War Against Air PollutionGeorge Pakenham takes matters into his own hands when he finds parked cars and trucks with their engines running.
  7. history
    Africatown and the 21st-Century Stain of SlaveryThe descendants of Cudjo Lewis, the final survivor of the last slave ship to land in America, fight for respect and environmental justice.
  8. The EPA Is Set to Roll Back Vehicle Emissions StandardsThe Trump administration is looking out for the auto industry.
  9. the environment
    Report: Trump Administration EPA Going Soft on PollutersMaybe people who hate the EPA shouldn’t run the EPA.
  10. A Toxic Smog Is Bringing Life to a Halt in China Right NowPlanes are being grounded and face masks are mandatory outside.
  11. Report: Donald Trump Names Scott Pruitt As Head of the EPAPruitt has sued the EPA over various regulations of air and water pollution. Now, he’ll have the chance to change those policies directly.
  12. A Lesser-Known Form of Pollution Is Affecting One-Third of HumanityNinety-nine percent of the U.S. and Europe suffer from it.
  13. pollution
    Manhattan Is Surrounded by Floating GarbageA study found millions of plastic pieces in New York’s waterways.
  14. sad and gross things
    Here’s What It Looks Like in Beijing During a Three-Day Smog AlertParents have been warned to keep their children indoors. 
  15. superfund sites
    Environmental Activist Swims in the Gowanus Canal — AgainBecause one dip in raw-sewage waters is never enough. 
  16. politics
    Obama Finalizes Sweeping Climate-Change Plan The new rules call for even higher cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and are designed to push and reward the adoption of renewable energy sources.
  17. toxic beauty
    Photographer Sees Insane Beauty in Gowanus FilthWhat he saw reminds him of the time he took acid and watched a light show.
  18. neighborhood watch
    Some Greenpointers: If Gunk Is Seeping Into House, We’d Rather Not KnowEnviro-honchos are having a hard time testing all homes to get the full picture.