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  1. sister wives
    Utah Gov. Plans to Defend Anti-Polygamy LawBecause of his “own provincial view of traditional marriage.”
  2. early and awful
    Some Voters Worried About All Those Wives Mitt Romney Probably HasMore proof that people just believe what they want to believe.
  3. creepy things
    Listen to an Ultra-Creepy Recording From the Warren Jeffs TrialHe told his wives: “Make sure you’re not tending to your own opinion.”
  4. the gods must be crazy
    Warren Jeffs Sentenced to Life in PrisonThe polygamist leader received the maximum sentence in both charges against him.
  5. verdicts
    Polygamist Leader Warren Jeffs Found Guilty of Sexual AssaultHe faces life in prison for raping two children.
  6. notorious b.i.g.a.m.i.s.t.s.
    Should Polygamy Be Illegal?The next great marriage debate commences … now!
  7. the morning line
    What’s the Catch? • Bill Clinton raised funds for Hillary by hosting a $2,300-per-bike spinning class (and didn’t even exercise). Since the total take from the event was a mere $70,000, the SoulCycle studio seems to be the real winner here. [NYT] • Our future First Lady Judith Giuliani attempts to divert attention from her husband’s two previous marriages by discussing her own two previous marriages — the first of which was a Las Vegas elopement at the age of 20. Not with a cousin, sadly. [NYDN] • Speaking of multiple marriages — polygamy! In New York! Unveiled, in a bitter irony, by the tragic fire in the Bronx (the victim paterfamilias had two wives at home) is a “soaring” practice among immigrants from West Africa. [NYT] • Was Houdini poisoned? His relatives are asking to dig up the magician’s Queens grave to find out. That’s on top of the annual séance to invoke his spirit. Leave the guy alone. You don’t want him angry. [amNY] • And, OMG, free Netflix: The Brooklyn Public Library is thinking about teaming up with the red-envelope peddler to develop a no-charge home-delivery system for DVDs. We’re a little confused as to what’s in it for Netflix, but that’s none of our business, is it? [NYP]