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Ponzi Schemes

  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Resort Ponzi Scheme Took in Montauk Fire DepartmentPossible silver lining missed?
  2. made-off
    Ruth Madoff Says She and Bernie Tried to Commit SuicideBut they didn’t try super-hard.
  3. made-off
    HSBC Settles for $62.5 Million in Madoff Suit, Won’t Admit WrongdoingThe bank will pony up cash to Madoff’s victims but won’t admit that it knew what it probably should have known.
  4. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Ruining Divorces Now TooWhy not? He ruined everything else.
  5. sec no evil
    Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against SEC for Failing to Notice a $65 Billion Ponzi SchemeSloppy, but not liable.
  6. passage to prison
    Ken Starr’s Infatuation With Stripper Fourth Wife Gets Him 7.5 Years in Prison“I lost my moral compass.”
  7. made-off
    Top SEC Lawyer Sued for $1.5 Million in Fictitious Madoff GainsWell, THIS is awkward.
  8. made-off
    Guess Which Fortune 500 Company Knew About Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme Eighteen Months Before the Rest of Us?Rhymes With Shmae Mee Porgan.
  9. passage to prison
    Accused Ponzi Schemer Finds Out the Hard Way That the Feds Read Jail MailDisgraced financier Ken Starr’s prison love notes revealed.
  10. made-off
    Feds Squeeze $625 Million Out of Madoff Ally Carl ShapiroThat’s a lot.
  11. made-off
    Woman Buys Ruth Madoff a Present at Auction of Her StuffBuyer of Ruth’s bed plans to return it to her, “if she wants it.”
  12. double trouble
    Identical Twin Ponzi Schemers Given Identical SentencesThree and a half years in matching outfits.
  13. starrs
    Kenneth Starr Did a Bad Thing, But He’s Not a Bad PersonThe celebrity money manager pleads guilty to fraud.
  14. wall street warriors
    Guy de Chimay Stands Up for LoveAccused Ponzi-schemer speaks out about claims that he stole $1 million from his fiancée’s family.
  15. passage to prison
    Flashy Purchases Were Ken Starr’s UndoingThe biggest one of which was apparently his wife.
  16. starrs
    Alleged Ponzi Schemer Kenneth Starr Targeted Stars (Updated)A Manhattan money manager for “socialites and luminaries in the entertainment and business worlds” has been charged with fraud.
  17. ballsy crime
    New York Ponzi Schemers Spent Ill-gotten Gains on a ‘Sexually Themed Cruise’How else would they celebrate?
  18. personal ads
    Madoff Whistleblower Harry Markopolos Is Honest to a FaultWant to know how his employee’s marriage ended? He’ll tell you the whole story.
  19. ballsy crime
    ‘Malaysian Minister of Finance II of Malaysia’ Is ‘Real Sorry’ About Bernie MadoffAccording to awesome fake website.
  20. made-off
    Bernie Madoff’s Daughter-in-Law Finally Decides to Change Her NameIt’s about time.
  21. slippery when wet
    Minnesota Ponzi-Schemer Jailed for Refusing to Relinquish Submarine, Concert TicketsCan you blame him?
  22. politics as unusual
    Report: R. Allen Stanford Asked Representative Gregory Meeks to Get Help From ChavezThe alleged Ponzi-schemer asked the New York representative for help in punishing a whistle-blower.
  23. made-off
    Dead Madoff Buddy Gives $200 Million to WifeMaybe that money should go to the people it was stolen from?
  24. made-off
    Madoff Investor Died of a Boring Old Heart AttackOnce again, the Bernie Madoff saga fails to be as intriguing as it sounds.
  25. made-off
    Madoff Associate Found Dead in Swimming PoolJeffry Picower was accused of reaping $7 billion from Madoff’s scheme.
  26. made-off
    Real-Estate Mogul Steve Roth Buys Bernie Madoff’s Cursed Montauk HomeThe billionaire Vornado chairman will be spending weekends at Bernie’s.
  27. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Shows Fellow Inmates What He’s Made Of“DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?”
  28. ballsy crime
    Marc Dreier Blames 9/11 and Real-estate Envy for Making Him a Criminal“I wanted to be happy again,” the lawyer explains of why he started a $380 million Ponzi scheme.
  29. r.i.pang
    Danny Pang Had Barbiturates, Pot in His System When He DiedBut his lawyer says it wasn’t suicide.
  30. made-off
    Who Keeps Stealing Bernie Madoff’s Art?For the second time, a sculpture has been taken from one of Bernie Madoff’s homes.
  31. made-off
    Madoff on SEC: ‘You Don’t Have to Be Too Brilliant With These Guys’A tape of Bernie Madoff is released at an awkward moment for the SEC.
  32. made-off
    Madoff Trustee Gets $14.7 Million PaydayNot bad for four months of work.
  33. career counseling
    How to Distance Yourself From Your Former Employer, the Famous LiarObfuscate, cover up, whitewash — just lie, basically — advises a career counselor.
  34. the fabulous noels
    Noel Son-in-law Spotted ‘Vacationing Blatantly’Andrés Piedrahita has taken his ill-gotten gains to the high seas, like the pirate he is.
  35. ballsy crime
    Danny Pang Believes Himself to Be InnocentAll he did was make some administrative assistants happy.
  36. ballsy crime
    Sexy Camisole Found in Marc Dreier’s ApartmentSomeone was getting some action on penthouse arrest.
  37. made-off
    Bernie Madoff’s Lush Prison ManeImprisonment has not impeded the Ponzi-schemer’s growth.
  38. ballsy crime
    Judge Gives Marc Dreier Twenty Years, Hits Him Where It Hurts“He is no Mr. Madoff by any estimation.”
  39. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Heads to Prison in Butner, North Carolina“Conjugal visits are forbidden” in Bernie’s new digs, CNBC helpfully reports.
  40. made-off
    We Are All Ruth MadoffWhy does no one want to believe Ruth is innocent?
  41. ballsy crime
    Another Ponzi Schemer Pleads Guilty to $30 Million Fraud, Is SorryEdward Stein, a Long Island–based financial adviser, took money from grandmas, etc.
  42. made-off
    ‘Hey Buddy, I Was Just Wondering, Would You Mind Telling Me How You Pulled Off the Biggest Ponzi Scheme of All Time?’“See, I’ve got this report due … “
  43. made-off
    The Bernie Madoff Tchotchke EconomyBernie Madoff may have helped upend the economy with his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. But in a way, he’s also helping it rebuild.
  44. ballsy crime
    Accused Ponzi Schemer Has a Body Count“He probably had enough heads to fill a semi-truck.”
  45. the fabulous noels
    Noels Not Banned From Country Club After AllSorry, Schadenfreudenkinder.
  46. ballsy crime
    Alleged Fraudster Danny Pang Was Kind of an Awesome BossCalifornia financier Danny Pang has been accused of many bad things, but being boring is not one of them.
  47. made-off
    Ruth Madoff Got Advice From the Ethicist Without Even Having to Write InEverything’s easier when you are rich.
  48. made-off
    What Peter Madoff’s Wheels Tell Us About HimStylish car, stylish sunglasses … what does this tell us about Bernie’s brother?
  49. made-off
    The Bernie Madoff Fraud: Making Snobs Less SnobbyHumility comes to Palm Beach.
  50. white men with money
    R. Allen Stanford Cries About Flying Commercial, Threatens to Punch Charlie Gibson“They make you take your shoes off and everything — it’s terrible,” the suspected Ponzi schemer complains.
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