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    Sh*t Is Hitting the Fan Over the New Poop EmojiThe argument started over a proposed poop emoji with a frown instead of a smile.
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    Poop Emoji Featured Prominently on Trump’s Site“Dump Trump” has a new meaning.
  3. new york’s finest
    List of Suspects in Cop Car Poop-Smearing Pretty Much EndlessSomeone put feces on NYPD door handles.
  4. this is ivy league
    At Yale, Poop Scare Becomes Art ProjectOr something.
  5. this is ivy league
    Someone Is Pooping in the Laundry at YaleThe “poopetrator.”
  6. gowanus canal
    The Politics of Poop: Feds Battle the City Over Gowanus CleanupWe’ve had enough of this crap.
  7. scatological summer
    McCarren Park Got Some Really Crappy Press TodayThere’s a human-excrement problem on the playgrounds.
  8. it’s a gas
    Introducing the FartmobileA British company has unveiled the prototype of a car that runs on human waste.
  9. everybody poops
    Pimco’s Bill Gross Is a Hurried PooperThe co-founder of the world’s most powerful investment company has something to get off his chest. It’s about pooping.
  10. sad things
    A Sad Story Involving Pooping at the OfficeWhatever you are thinking of, this is worse.
  11. monsters
    Massive Midwestern Poop Bubbles Deflate ‘Like Raisins in the Sun’The massive poop bubbles on an Indiana farm have been popped.
  12. monsters
    Massive Poop Bubbles Threaten MidwestDon’t worry, they can’t come here.
  13. lore
    Working Around Poo Is Disgusting and Doesn’t Pay Well, But It Gives You Special PowersThe people who work at New York’s sewage-treatment facility are practically superhuman.
  14. the most important people in the world
    Danielle Steel Picks Up Her Dog’s PoopOn top of everything else.
  15. gross
    Charmin Is Offering a Disgusting, High-Paying Holiday GigDo you really enjoy pooping? No, we mean REALLY enjoy it?
  16. vu.
    Southampton Is Basically One Big CesspoolAnd the residents like it that way.
  17. neighborhood news
    Horses Are Pooping With Abandon All Over KensingtonThe law doesn’t apply to them, so why not?
  18. neighborhood news
    I Really Don’t Think People Defecate in the Hallways of Stuyvesant TownThough, I’ll admit, I’m not above chuckling about it.
  19. things that are gross
    Keith Urban Steals Tour-Bus-Turd Title From Dave MatthewsAn accident involving the country singer’s tour bus (and not the kind of accident that involves collision) overwhelmed East 11th Street last week.
  20. Julianne Moore on BlindnessWe know it’s gross, but if you’ve read the book ‘Blindness,’ you had to be wondering about one aspect of how they made the movie. Can a film like that really go to number one when it’s filled with so much number two?
  21. in other news
    An Army of Rats Has Taken Over Prospect ParkAnd all Park Slopers are worried about is what it means for the puppies?!??!