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  1. pop quiz
    We Asked Curtis Sliwa to Name All 16 of His CatsAn unusual challenge for an unusual Republican candidate for New York City mayor.
  2. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Bill de Blasio or the Pope?’Can you guess who said what?
  3. pop quiz
    Which Things Were Mentioned During Fauxlibuster?Stars Wars or Star Trek?
  4. pop quiz
    Can You Identify These Famous Handshakes Just From the Hands?Take the quiz. 
  5. pop quiz
    How Well Do You Know America’s Senate Minority Whips?Take the quiz!
  6. pop quiz
    What Do You Know About Chechnya and Dagestan?Take the quiz. 
  7. pop quiz
    Identify the Gun-Control Quote: Obama, Feinstein, or Reagan?Take the quiz!
  8. are you smarter than a presidential candidate?
    Are You Smarter Than a Presidential Candidate?Take the quiz.
  9. pop quiz
    How Many People Can You Name in This Photo of Obama’s Cabinet?Test your knowledge of obscure government officials.
  10. It’s Time to Play ‘Bill Clinton or Mitt Romney?’Who said what?
  11. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Mitt Romney or Southerner?’It’s so hard to tell these days!
  12. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Whose Secret Service Nickname Is That?’Can you match the nickname with the VIP?
  13. occupy wall street
    Are You Smarter Than a Wall Street Occupier?We gave 50 Occupy Wall Street protesters a quiz on the economy.
  14. pop quiz
    The Completely Out-of-Context Candidate Quote QuizWhich candidates recently said “lubricant,” “dog food,” and “shagging”?
  15. pop quiz
    Can You Tell Apart the Dirty Talk of Anthony Weiner and Tiger Woods?Take the quiz. It’s very, very hard. No pun intended. Okay, pun intended.
  16. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Guess Who Donald Trump Is Castigating!’So many people!
  17. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Sheen, Beck, or Qaddafi?’Can you tell which crazy rant belongs to whom?
  18. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Bush, Obama, or Imam?’Can you tell who said a nice thing about Islam?
  19. pop quiz
    Politicians and Their Strange, Surprising Childhood NicknamesCan you guess who used to go by Boozy Boy, Bird Legs, or Pinky?
  20. pop quiz
    Hipster or Bureaucrat?A pop quiz.